Music: The Quickening Art

This recent video demonstrates an experiment that was done on an old man in a nursing home. He was inert and unresponsive… until he was given an ipod and a pair of headphones so he could listen to the music he loved as a young man.

Watch what happens, and be in awe:


6 thoughts on “Music: The Quickening Art

  1. Melissa

    So music really can make that much of a difference. I think maybe God wanted me to hear that today. Thanks for sharing, YGG!

  2. K Payne

    Good music , or bad, has an effect on people. I’ve been in church services where music did more than the sermons did. This just proves that music is a very powerful thing.

    1. Indeed. Speaking as someone who really lives and breathes music, I felt a powerful connection to the old man in the video, when his whole face just lit up with delight. I feel as though I can identify with him. I understand what he felt in that moment.

  3. steve k

    A good movie to watch along these lines would be The Music Never Stopped. It came out a year or two ago. Just watched it…really, really good.

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