The Week in Review #24: Lost Kingsmen Footage Re-Surfaces, Chris Allman’s Son Ties the Knot, and More…

*DBM spotted rare hand-held video of the Kingsmen’s first taping of what later became Stand Up. It was first filmed in Mississippi, but because of technical problems with the recording, it was re-done in Opryland. These videos are from the Mississippi performance. The quality is grainy and won’t exactly warm the cockles of an audiophile’s heart, but if you’re a Kingsmen fan, this should be a gold-mine for you!

*The Sisters performed Dottie Rambo’s “Until He Comes” at the Absolutely Gospel awards. I got to see the video of their performance until it was inexplicably removed. Take my word for it—they were utterly brilliant. Hopefully it will be re-uploaded. Meanwhile, enjoy Steve Eaton’s samples from the 1975 record on which the sisters first recorded this song as young girls singing with their mother.

*I didn’t get on the ball and wish my friend Dustin Allman a hearty congratulations on his wedding last Saturday. So, to make up for it… congratulations Dustin! Enjoy your honeymoon!

*Congratulations also to Crist Family alto Breana Crist on her marriage to Josh Henderson.

*You can read the Garms Family’s latest newsletter here. Among other items of interest, it discusses an upcoming project which will feature only the Little Adventurers. This should be good!

*Movie news: Blue Like Jazz is coming to a theater near you. My advice for you: Just say no. But more on that later.

*Ye have often heard it said by audio geeks that when it comes to classic oldies, the original mono mixes PWN all other mixes. Verily verily I say unto you… the geeks are right:

The thread is yours.


5 thoughts on “The Week in Review #24: Lost Kingsmen Footage Re-Surfaces, Chris Allman’s Son Ties the Knot, and More…

  1. Lydia

    I realize I’m overthinking this, but I’ve always wondered why the Beatles chose to put the Virgin Mary into one of their songs. I guess they just really, really liked the modern English equivalent of “be it unto me.” Fiat.

  2. gagband

    Thanks for link, YGG! We are super excited about the Lil’ Adventurers’ CD and cannot wait till it’s finished! 🙂 It is going to be great – IOHO! 🙂

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