Sing it Again: “River of Love” by the Browns

[Some of you are wondering why this post suddenly appeared on a Saturday. Answer: I accidentally scheduled it for this evening and didn’t realize it until it had been up for two hours. Sorry about that! Meanwhile, enjoy the post. :)]

When the Browns first started out, the group consisted of Mom, sisters Michaela and Jessica, and brothers Adam and Andrew. Jessica would go on to leave the group and marry Nick Trammell, both of whom have now joined the group in its most recent iteration. They sound better than ever today. But I enjoy the sound they had in the early years as well.

The title track of their debut project River of Love really struck me the first time I heard it. That project was rather average/forgettable on the whole, but this one song stood out. Simple, yet memorable, it was a very natural melding of lyrics and music. I have never heard it performed by anyone else, and I think it should be revived by a bigger group.  What say ye? (By the way, stick around for the acapella reprise on this performance, it’s the best part.)


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