The Week in Review: Dixie Echoes Shakeup, Jason Crabb Scoops Ice Cream for Rocketown, Upcoming Concert Review, and More…

On the faith and culture front:

*Via Tim Challies, a vital and biblical word on the dangers of banking on supposed extra-biblical revelation from God. The writer is C Michael Patton. From a quick perusing of his blog, he seems like an incredibly insightful pastor. I’ll definitely be looking out for more of his stuff.

On the Southern Gospel front:

*Here’s a health update on Breck Duncan from the EHSS Facebook page:

He is doing great!! His recovery is amazing. He is able to get around the house with a walker and has even been able to ride into town a few times. He is going stir crazy not being able to get out and go- especially to work! He continues to get cards in the mail. He has read and kept every one of them. He wanted us to say thank you again for all the cards and prayers!

*As you may already know, the big news of the week is the huge shakeup in the Dixie Echoes lineup. Following on the heels of Stewart Varnado’s resignation, both tenor Michael Helwig and bass singer Mike Jennings have left the group simultaneously. Reasons for Helwig’s departure are unclear, but Jennings has expressed a desire to be with his family upon the arrival of a new baby (congrats to the Jennings!) There’s been speculation over whether the Echoes will retire the name or keep going, but Randy and Scott have since confirmed that they are planning to hire fresh singers and continue touring. I’m sad to see this lineup break up since I thought they had a fabulous sound, but we wish each and every member all the best!

*Yesterday Michael W Smith’s non-profit youth organization Rocketown raised $10,000 in donations with a 10,000 Scoop Challenge event in downtown Nashville, hosted by Purity Dairy and Denali Flavors. $1 per scoop of Moose Tracks meant $1 towards Rocketown. On hand helping dish out the good stuff was none other than our own Jason Crabb! Here’s his socialcam report.

*I’m going to Shipshewana tonight to see Signature Sound and the Collingsworth Family in concert. This is the second time I’ve caught this double billing—the previous time it was two years ago. I’m expecting a different experience this year, though I trust the quality won’t have diminished! I’m looking forward to what both groups have to offer from their new projects. EHSS’s “Any Other Man” should be fun (though I won’t cry if they leave off “Everytime”). Also, the Collingsworth kids have done some growing since the last time I saw them, so I can’t wait to hear how they’ve matured in person. And who knows, perhaps I can wangle a duet/trio out of a couple of the ladies in an intermission… 🙂

*A couple videos to remember the latest Dixie Echoes configuration by:


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