The Week in Review: John Piper Hoopla, New BFA Album Preview, Chris Allman Songwriting Blog Reboot, and More…

On the “who cares?” front:

— Is The Dark Knight Rises really just set to be Rocky 3… 2? A serious analysis.

On the faith and culture front:

— Big hoopla over John Piper’s sermon on same-sex “marriage,” the Star Tribune’s coverage of it, and Piper’s subsequent clarification. In a nutshell, Piper is trying to walk a line between tipping his hand on the moral issues while officially maintaining a church policy of political quietism as a matter of principle. It’s rather confusing and frankly not very logical. I think the comments from his own representative in the Tribune piece are quite revealing. But I’m going to be giving this whole incident its own post soon, because I think it’s a highly important topic that needs to be discussed. So watch for that.

When Dialogue Avoids Truth: Kevin DeYoung shares a wise word from Thomas Oden. “If the central question of Christian unity for classic Christian believers is the truth of the gospel, then the apostolic testimony made known in Jesus Christ is the first step toward unity. All other dialogue, however altruistic it may appear, is truly a diversion, a pretension of searching for truth, a ruse that substitutes narcissistic talk for integrity.”

On the southern gospel front:

–Here’s a taste of the kinds of obstacles our favorite groups have to be prepared for on the road. Legacy Five shares the wild and woolly tale of their recent bus fire, resulting blown alternator, and the heroic lengths to which they had to go in order to make it to their concert.

— Chris Allman has revived what used to be an old songwriting blog of his and begun updating it with fresh material. Here is the most recent entry, a guest post from none other than Jim Brady. I’m very much looking forward to what Chris has to offer!

–Don’t forget that Tribute Quartet will be giving a live concert on ASGM Monday night! Word is ASGM’s streaming capabilities have drastically improved, so excited about that. Register here.

— Here is a studio preview of Brian Free & Assurance’s upcoming album Nothing But Love. For BFA fans, it promises to deliver more of the same. Highlights so far for me are “Guard Your Heart,” (4:40) “Calvary’s Cry,” (7:05) “I Want to Be That Man,” (9:10) and “Revival” (10:38).

–Speaking of BFA, if you always wanted to watch Bryce Free and Jeremy Lile having a completely pointless, random conversation about everything from Batman, to guacamole, to koala bears, to the relative merits of polar bears and black bears, to different kinds of rocks, to what exactly the difference is between Avatar and Dances With Wolvesbehold.

Open thread. Discuss away.


3 thoughts on “The Week in Review: John Piper Hoopla, New BFA Album Preview, Chris Allman Songwriting Blog Reboot, and More…

  1. AmyH

    Just read the Piper stuff. Honestly, I was right with him all the way through that message. (Disclaimer: I was reading fast.) I have been very concerned about the mainstream churches’ pretense that they are going to save America by way of politics. It is our individual responsibility to stand up for the right politically, but the churches’ responsibility is a spiritual one. If souls are really getting saved, they’ll get lined out on this other stuff, but when the church officially sponsors political activity, it’s a distraction from their business of salvation.

    After reading through the message, I supposed the newspaper’s comment was going to be one of the usual accusations of intolerance or whatever. Making out that he was too soft was certainly not what jumped to mind.

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