The Week in Review (7/7): Andy Griffith Dies, Ernie Haase to Release New Solo Compilation, and More…

On the Southern Gospel front:

*Promise Trio attracted some attention a few months ago with a solid debut project and some strong vocals, particularly from baritone David Mann (whom some have compared to Mark Trammell). After their tenor joined the army, they were looking for a replacement, and now they’ve found one: Michael Helwig. I don’t think we see this kind of thing very often—an older, experienced singer leaving an established group (in this case the Dixie Echoes) to join a young, up-and-coming group. I guess we did have Bryan Hutson joining Soul’d Out, but they’ve at least been around a while. In any case, Helwig is a brilliant singer and I’m really looking forward to what he brings to the trio.

*Southern Gospel Critique will be on the ground at NQC. Head on over and tell Brian Crout what you’d like him to report on for the blog’s readers!

*Ernie Haase is preparing to release a 25th anniversary compilation of some of his best-loved solo songs. Here’s a teaser video, which intercuts clips of the first three songs with interview memories from Ernie. There will be ten songs in all.

On the faith and culture front:

*Here’s a very clear, succinct summary of which group is really being marginalized and persecuted in our country right now. Hint: It’s not gays.

On the entertainment front:

*If you haven’t seen this video of the San Diego fireworks fail yet, you should. I feel sorry for the people who drove hours to see a 20-second show, but oh man… Denny Burk compared it to the Death Star exploding. That’s about right.

*As I’m sure all of you know already, Andy Griffith passed away this week. I thought his re-telling of the story of Paul Revere would be appropriate. Opie and his friends discover history isn’t so boring after all…


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