The Week in Review (7/14): Farewell To Glenn Dustin, BFA Releases New CD, SG Back Row Kicks Off NQC Webcast Giveaway, and More…

*Ernie Haase put up two more videos with more samples from his upcoming solo collection. I dislike some aspects of the videos’ format, but I found the spoken interview snippets really interesting. I wonder where they come from. They provide some neat insight into his solo career that I’d never heard before. Especially interesting is his discussion of Petra cover “Grave Robber” in the final video. People think of EHSS as edgy and progressive, but Ernie reveals that he’s always liked that kind of music and had been looking for a way to channel that into ministry for a long time. The last video also covers my favorite solo song of his, “An Unexpected Cross.”

*Brian Free & Assurance have officially released Nothing But Love on their website. The album will be available from regular retail outlets a bit later. Go get it.

*Southern Gospel Back Row has kicked off its yearly NQC webcast giveaway with Round 1 of a series of “guess the artist” montages. This round is easy, but they will get progressively harder. Head on over to play, and e-mail Steve your answers by next Tuesday!

*First glimpse at a not yet finalized album cover for the GVB’s upcoming acoustic release.

*The big turnover news of the week was Glenn Dustin leaving Legacy Five. I’ve gotten a huge number of hits on my news post, so it’s obvious that he will be greatly missed. His humor and personality formed an integral part of the group’s appeal. Here’s one of the group’s most popular routines that really allowed him to shine:

Fans have shared ideas around the blogosphere for who might replace Glenn that range from Randy Byrd to Gene McDonald to young talent nobody’s ever heard of! Who would you like to see take his place?


One thought on “The Week in Review (7/14): Farewell To Glenn Dustin, BFA Releases New CD, SG Back Row Kicks Off NQC Webcast Giveaway, and More…

  1. Paul Harkey from the Anchormen is a great young bass singer that alot of people have not heard of. Not sure he would be a good fit with L5 though. I personally believe they will go with someone like a Randy Byrd or Jeff Pearles.

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