The Week in Review (7/28): Shafts of Grace in Aurora, Chick-Fil-A Controversy, NQC/Singing News Awards Buildup, and More…

This will be rather thrown together and incomplete. I apologize. My excuse is that I’ve had a traumatic week with my computer. Here is what my family and I are now spreading far and wide: If you have a problem with your computer, whatever you do, DON’T TAKE IT TO THE GEEK SQUAD. We took mine in for a minor hardware issue with the sound last week. Not only did they not fix the actual problem, but in the process of removing some “malware” (which my Symantec Anti-Virus software never notified me of as a threat) they did something to screw up the system files so that when we came to pick it up, it wouldn’t boot up after being turned off. It requires an arduous, highly technical emergency procedure to wake it back up after being put to sleep that we aren’t equipped to do. We eventually brought it home “awake,” and I am now in the process of backing up all my data and shifting to a new computer since the “old” one is, for all intents and purposes, unreliable. My story is not unique—just google “Geek Squad” and “reviews” and you’ll find many a one-star rating. Spread the word.

On the faith and/or culture front:

*As Aurora, Colorado recovers from its horrible mass murder, some crumbs of grace can still be found. In a very classy gesture, Christian Bale himself paid a personal visit to Aurora with his wife, spending time with surviving victims (including one who had tweeted, “Shot in the leg at Batman. Where is he when you need him?”) and participating in the funerals for the dead. There were also some uplifting stories from the shooting itself, including one about a woman who took a bullet to the brain that amazingly missed all vital areas. Here’s another story about four young men who died protecting their girlfriends from bullets.

In the meantime, I have been collecting some thoughts on the different reactions people are having to this event, which should hopefully coalesce into a blog post at some point in the not-too-distant future.

*Perhaps you’ve heard of the brouhaha over Chick-Fil-A and gay rights activists. It’s pretty scary to read what the mayors of Boston and Chicago were saying, but for the moment it’s unclear what they could, legally, have actually done had they really tried to enforce their haughty statements with actions. For the nonce, they appear to have backed down. Meanwhile, gay activists are still calling for boycotts, and worse, “kiss-ins.” Can you imagine… on second thought, let’s not even try. Meanwhile, I’m not sure why Denny Burk and others have gone out of their way to stress that Cathy’s remarks are being exaggerated and taken out of context, since Cathy obviously made it clear he was against gay marriage even though he didn’t use that exact phrase. And frankly, there would have been nothing wrong with his using that exact phrase. If I were Cathy, my feeling at this point would be, “So maybe they cobbled together some things I said from various different interviews, and maybe they placed some words in my mouth. But they’ve got the gist of it. Excellent.”

On the Southern Gospel front:

*The final ballots are in for both the NQC Music Awards and the Singing News Fan Awards. David Bruce Murray has a side-by-side comparison of the finalists with commentary here.

*Beyond the Ashes lead singer Casey Rivers is leaving on pleasant terms. He has a growing family and has decided coming off the road would be best for them. He states, “For more than three years now I have been blessed to be one of those three singers that make up what many have come to know as Beyond The Ashes. Saying goodbye to family, and all I’ve grown accustomed to, is not an easy thing, but nevertheless, a new season has come for BTA and for me. I am 100% supportive of my brothers, and I know they are of me, as we all begin this new journey we’re embarking upon.” New lead singer TBA.

*Much more mysterious is the unannounced departure of Brandon Barry from the Mike Lefevre Quartet, news of which has managed to leak out anyway. I don’t know what the deal is, except that there seems to be quite a lot of unsubstantiated whispering and rumoring going around. I’m with DBM on this one. We’re not “afraid” to touch this—some of us only just found out what was going on!

*Legacy Five relates the saga of Scott Fowler, Trey Ivey, and The Mouse On the Bus. Not to be missed.

On the blog front:

*Starting next Monday I’m hoping to inaugurate a tradition I’m stealing (borrowing) from Kevin DeYoung’s blog: Monday Morning Humor. The aim is to provide Youtube clips that are a) clean and b) legitimately hilarious to start your week off with something cheerful. Comedians, TV shows, parodies, commercials… all are fair game, with the important caveat that my featuring a clean clip from someone or something does NOT constitute an endorsement of everything from that source. E.g. Monty Python is fertile ground for funnies, but not all of their material is family appropriate.

Open thread. Discuss away.



2 thoughts on “The Week in Review (7/28): Shafts of Grace in Aurora, Chick-Fil-A Controversy, NQC/Singing News Awards Buildup, and More…

  1. Lydia

    Loved the story of the mouse on the L5 bus. For some reason in a sleepy state I’m reminded of the slightly grisly scene at the beginning of _Ladyhawk_ where Philippe the Mouse has escaped, and his fellow prisoner tells the guards, “No more mouse. He left our house. No mouse today. He ran away.” Or some such poem.

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