Monday Morning Humor: Broken News

Have you ever felt like the reporters you watch on TV aren’t really telling us much of anything? The British, with their strange sense of humor, had a short-lived television series featuring nothing but fake “news” broadcasts (with interruptions for pointless advertisements) that was meant to poke fun at what real “broken news” sometimes feels like. Here’s my favorite clip, featuring the gifted and inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch as our intrepid reporter, here reporting on an outbreak of the dreaded tomato flu in Athens:


13 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor: Broken News

  1. Phil on Southern Gospel

    “The British, with their strange sense of humor” – funny we’d say the same thing about your American sense of humour! 😉

      1. J.D Sumner had a remarkably “northern irish” sense of humour. That’s different from the usual british sense of humour. But J.D’s extremely dry wit is a staple part of the northern irish brand of humour.

      2. Now I’m a little less familiar with the specifically northern Irish brand of humor as distinguished from “British.” Are you saying it’s even drier? Ironic given the Northern Irish fondness for their drink. 😆 (Sorry, bad pun, couldn’t resist.)

  2. K. Payne

    If this guy isn’t a politician, he needs to be. The only thing I’m sure of is that the fat lady, with or without the glasses, is supposed to come out of that door and sing. I think.

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