The Week in Review (8/11): Enlighten Calls For Excellence, EHSS Lands in India, Dianne Wilkinson Announces Autobiography, and More…

*The Gaither Vocal Band has released additional details about their upcoming release. Read more here, listen to samples here.

*Daniel Mount announced the upcoming publication of Dianne Wilkinson’s autobiography, based on a series of interviews he’s conducted with her. It’s called Dianne Wilkinson: The Life and Times of a Gospel Songwriter, and the cover was designed by none other than our friend Taylor Garms! Brian at Southern Gospel Critique has already read a draft of it and comments , “If you love gospel music, you will find a multitude of tidbits of information you never knew from behind the scenes of the gospel music industry.  If you love songwriting or songwriters, there are pages and pages devoted to the stories and motives behind each of Wilkinson’s recorded songs.  If you just love a good story, you will find that Wilkinson’s is one of ups and downs, twists and turns, with many events going hand in hand with the songs she created.  I give this book my early and full endorsement and recommendation. This is an essential addition to the library of a fan of southern gospel music.”

*Ernie Haase and Doug Anderson arrived in India to a warm 1:00 AM welcome (photo and report here). The rest of the gang has now touched down and have been seen on Socialcam practicing with the choir and spotting sacred cows in the street.

*Marlin Taylor at Enlighten has written a plea for excellence in the quality of music sent to the station. He says, “This has not been easy for me to write, but when you understand that more than half of all the CD’s we receive do not contain even one song that we find to be appropriate for play on enLighten …with many others barely delivering a single selection that’s worthy of being included on the playlist, you’ll recognize why this had to be written.”

*Brian and Adam at Southern Gospel Critique have offered a joint review of Canton Junction’s two-volume debut album.

*It looks like the folks who put out Southern Gospel Magazine could use someone to double-check their photo dimensions! Ouch. (Hat tip: Musicscribe.)

*Triumphant Quartet recently released a music video for their new single “Let’s All Stand For America.”

While I’m proud of myself for slickly avoiding any mention of Chick-Fil-A or the Olympics today, I won’t forbid you from holding forth on either one of them in this open thread.


10 thoughts on “The Week in Review (8/11): Enlighten Calls For Excellence, EHSS Lands in India, Dianne Wilkinson Announces Autobiography, and More…

  1. I love the GVB, and think, Sinner Saved By Grace, is one of the best songs written. I’d like to go to the bookstore and get that new cd, and then grab the autobio (as I dream of being a song writer who will encourage people to come through the Son to the Father) and head over to Chick Fil A and then discuss over a hot piece of chicken and a salad, how Phelps was over shadowed by the first African American girl to win gymnastics and how I think she did great and I’m sure she was up against the odd – but I still think Phelps should have had more lime-light.

  2. JSR

    Love some other the songs on the new GVB CD…of course I am quite the GVB fan so…I may be biased.

    On another note, does the addition of Ryan to the Romney ticket make you more likely to show up at the polls in November?

  3. John Situmbeko

    The GVB keeps getting better and better. I love it when they do new stuff! Bill should also include more never before heard songs on his Homecoming series. I really do not like it when he recycles the same songs o’er and o’er. Although Pure and Simple has some old stuff on it, its good that the stuff is done in a different way, a pure and simple way. I like it 😀

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