Monday Morning Humor: Every Boy Band Song in 4 Minutes

Introduction to the posted video, written to give information about it, such as the name (“Title of the Song”) and artist (Da Vinci’s Notebook). Explanation that this parody is meant to provide a basic template for boy band songs. Repetition of caveat that while all MMH clips are clean, not all MMH sources create entirely family-friendly material, which applies to today’s artist. Expectation that my readers will enjoy.

Assurances that you will understand why I’m writing my sentences like this after watching the video.

Request for all reader reactions to be written in this fashion.



5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor: Every Boy Band Song in 4 Minutes

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed video.
    Thankful for new information about boy band songs.
    Uncertain about next step … write a song or not?
    (whoohoohooo …)

    Probably not (repeat)

  2. Prompt upbeat response to demonstrate that I will not manifest any self-pity for having been outnumbered in recent discussions 😉

    Awkward realization that a similar template could probably be done of the all-too-common “God is my girlfriend”-style contemporary worship music.

    Geeky confession that I am a big fan of self-referential stuff in general.

    Unspoken thoughts of who I will pass this well-done video along to.

    1. Appreciation for your continued readership. Invitation to continue commenting as you feel moved.

      Acknowledgment that your revelation is indeed awkward. Suggestion that any reader who feels moved have a go at creating such a template. Anticipatory sadistic pleasure at the possible hilarity of such a template.

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