New Hoppers Album Preview

I just saw this Youtube preview for the Hoppers’ new album Count Me In. Sounds good! Highlights so far: “I’ll Take You Home,” “He Carried Me,” the title track, and (I know, you won’t believe it), but their arrangement of “I Just Feel Like Something Good is About to Happen” just sounds so fresh, rockin’, and roof-raising that it breathes new life into the old thing. This project isn’t available on Amazon or iTunes yet, but it’s on their table and will be circulated at NQC. Also notable is that they’re covering a “Jesus rock” classic by Larry Norman, “I Wish We’d All Been Ready.”


7 thoughts on “New Hoppers Album Preview

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like a good album from the hoppers. Admittedly, I haven’t really followed them for a few years. It seems like the last few projects kinda fell flat. This one sounds good though!

    Interesting that they covered “Wish we’d all been ready”…glad they updated it. That song has always given me the creeps haha. I guess it is from those days attending a very conservative, fundamental Christian school and watching “A thief in the night” too many times.

  2. Haha! I’m not yet out of my 20’s (about 6 more months) but thats the thing with my school..we watched older films (because the older it is, the holier and more acceptable it was haha). If i remember rightly, they would turn down the volume on some of the music because the beat was too “worldly”. Southern gospel was mostly a no-no…i never had the heart to tell them that I loved it.

    I am catching up on my hoppers through Spotify though…thanks for getting my music appetite going today! Enjoying your blog

    1. Ah, then it sounds like your school was sort of a “dying breed,” as it were. 😀 The “worldly beat” sounds exactly like my mom’s old school too. She would have to bring any music she wanted to sing to the principal so that he could smooth out the syncopation. Southern Gospel does sometimes borrow from pop or rock in its rhythms (including sort of indirectly through imitating country, since country itself imitates pop/rock now), so I can see why it would be out for a certain very old-fashioned kind of fundamentalist. Of course we think that’s funny. 🙂

      Glad I whetted your appetite today. Thanks for reading!

  3. This CD sounds better than the last ones I heard from them. This one will definitely be on my to-buy-list .
    “I wish we’d all been ready” … oh my, that brings back memories from way back when. Youth groups and revival meetings and all that 😉

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