‘Cause We’re Going to See the Son, Not Reverend Moon…

I just heard that popular cult leader Sun Myung Moon died at 92. Needless to say, I instantly thought of the old Imperials’ song. A good reminder of what we as Christians REALLY have to look forward to:


10 thoughts on “‘Cause We’re Going to See the Son, Not Reverend Moon…

  1. Lydia

    Here’s a funny “how times change” anecdote: When I was in high school one of my friends was always trying to show me theological errors or questionable bits in the lyrics of contemporary Christian songs that I liked. His objection to “Oh Buddha” was to the verse that says, “But if you hate your brother, you won’t be one of the chosen few.” I think he was probably taking the temperature of the times correctly when he argued that the overall implication of that verse was that we all just need to looove one another and all will be well. It was, after all, the early 80’s, which came right after the 70’s, so…

    However, the point of the song as a whole was rather different: “Ol’ Buddha was a man, and I’m sure that he meant well. But I pray for his disciples lest they wind up in hell.” Hardly likely to go over well with Rob Bell! The call not to hate our brothers was confined to a verse regarding differences among Christian denominations, while the thrust of the whole song is that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

    Nowadays, I doubt if that song would be written. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that current song writers even in CCM, and still less in Gospel, actually believe that everyone is going to heaven. But even if they have their theology more or less right, I think there would be discomfort about a new song _emphasizing_ that the sincere adherents of other religions are in serious danger of hell.

    1. Yeah, and I’m sure that one’s not the only southern gospel song of its kind.

      What CCM songs tend to do more of is compare Jesus with worldly things and talk about how they don’t “fill the void,” or how everything changes when you meet Jesus. More of a personal focus. The only song coming to mind that mentions other religions is a Point of Grace song that says “Everybody’s worshiping something” but then the hook is “I Choose You” (God, of course). Still even there, focus is on “I.”

      Then again, it may partly be a genre issue. “Oh Buddha” is country/gospel. It’s even been covered by the Dove Brothers, who are a gospel quartet. In CCM, there just aren’t that many light-weight songs. Whether good or bad, most CCM songs take themselves pretty seriously. “Nose-tweaking” is the kind of thing you hear more of in secular country or country/gospel contexts.

  2. Oh no, CCM would never stoop to writing a song about Jesus being the only way. They’re too busy writing theologically rich and deeply personal soul-touching songs like “I Love the Way You Hold Me.” GAG!

    1. Shhhhhh. You’ll attract Chris Unthank with a ranting comment about how SoGo fans are too protective of their own music, and people are making amazing music in CCM right now but we’re just too sheltered and snobby to listen, and SoGo has had cheesy stuff too, etc., etc., etc.

      (In fairness, I’m giving Chris a hard time but his family has done lots for southern gospel, so credit where it’s due. But if you look around you’ll find I’m not far off the mark when it comes to threads like this. 😉 )

  3. By the way, I heard the Dove Brothers do this song before and thought it was so fun! I never knew that it was “..not Reverend Moon” I always thought it was “Boon”. 🙂 Is the song referring to this cult leader? I’ve never heard of him before. Thanks for posting the song.

    1. You’re welcome. Yeah, Moon has been around for a long time. His followers are called “Moonies.” Believe it or not, one of the foremost defenders of intelligent design is a Moonie. His name is Jonathan Wells. Kind of an odd combo! Anyway, yeah, that’s the line in the song. I’m sure you can see the pun now: son… moon. 😀

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