The Week in Mini-Review (9/8)

Just a few notable things from the week… you guys can fill in the gaps. This week was rather busy for me, as you can tell.

On the Southern Gospel Front

*The GVB is adding three songs to Pure and Simple. Also, they’re cutting two songs from the original list and releasing them in a Walmart exclusive. Sound confusing? DBM tries to explain it all.

*Dove Brothers are getting a new pianist, Andy King, because Joe Lane is retiring to have back surgery. Ouch!


*No, I didn’t watch Michelle Obama’s performance from the DNC because I was busy living a productive life, and I like to avoid inducing nausea in myself if I can help it. However, I did find a terrific fisking of her speech over at The American Thinker. The one misleading thing about the article is that it gives the impression Obama spent his entire childhood in Indonesia, when he actually just spent some formative years there. Otherwise, a pretty crushing blow-by-blow.

*Another week, another irritatingly vapid Russell Moore article (ho hum). This time he’s trying to tell us that a new kids’ movie with Puritan zombies and a main character whose special gift for talking with the dead makes him “not normal” (spawning language and themes obviously meant to parallel situations where kids are gay), plus a casual reference by a male character to his “boyfriend” which is played for laughs… is harmless, somewhat endearing, and not the least bit subversive. Royght. I tell you that guy’s like the little girl with the curl. When he’s good he’s very, very good, and when he’s bad, he’s, well, horrid.

*Could you summarize the gospel in seven words?


6 thoughts on “The Week in Mini-Review (9/8)

  1. John Situmbeko

    I’m glad that the GVB have put new stuff on their latest release. I’m not a huge fan of music recycling. I hope the new stuff trend is here to stay and I pray Gaither applies the trend to his Homecoming series. I really do not see the point of spending a lot of time and money on recycling stuff that people already have. I hope Rass Taff’s We Will Stand does not appear on yet another video, the song is great but to be on more than five videos is a bit too much. Same goes for Larnelle Harris’s Amen, I could go on and on, but I’ll spare my energy.

    I purchase Gaither’s videos no matter what, and I so love them a lot, but I love them even more when they are packed with new songs (by new I mean songs that have never been on the videos before).

    Song recycling is something I have noticed to be practised beyond measure in the Southern Gospel genre. If new, really good material were to be put out by SG groups, I’m sure CD/DVD sales would go way up yonder. It is very understandable for most SG groups to release projects with songs they have already released released on previous projects, but for Gaither to do that is not as understandable.

    Okay, enough with the complaints already. I’m looking forward to putting my hands on Pure and Simple. I’m yet to see a review of it on one of these blogs (looking forward to your review of it YGG :-)).’s info about the new release makes me water in the mouth with eager anticipation, the suspense is eating my marrow. I hope I get it soon!

    1. Well I admit that it’s tough to distill the gospel to seven words. Even so, I think that could be improved on a little, since it seems to imply that Jesus has already forgiven you, or will forgive you regardless. I don’t think (and I realize this will sound strange, but bear with me), that anybody is really forgiven until they ask for it. Maybe you’re imagining a situation where someone is already repentant, and Jesus knows that and has forgiven the person.

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