NQC Hasty Notes: Saturday Night

It’s over already?? Yes, hard to believe though it is, tonight was the last night of NQC. The singers were tired tonight but gave it their all, and we had some wonderful moments. I think everyone who bought the webcast should have felt like they got their money’s worth. If you’re on Facebook and you bought the cast, be sure to check out the group NQC Webcast Friends 2012. Consider this an NQC Open Thread. I hope you’ve enjoyed my snapshots of each night! Looking forward to next year already!


I just arrived to catch Gold City singing “Lord of Life” and “When He Blest My Soul.” Now they’re singing “Preach the Word.” I’m so glad, I wanted them to stage that one this week. Dan did it last year at the songwriter’s showcase and it went over so well I really thought they should. Looks like that was the end of their set. I think Gold City had a solid week. If they can keep making new material with this lineup it could really gel.

Kingdom Heirs up now, opening with “I’m Not Worried About Forever.” Jeff is now singing “No Bones About It,” scraping the floor! Then they did “Just Preach Jesus” and closed with “We Will Stand Our Ground.” This is the first time Jerry’s mike seemed to be at an appropriate level. I could actually hear him on melody this time!

Now for the filler video I hate most, the “Let me introduce you to Jesus” video… UGH.

Now the Collingsworth family YAAAAAY. The ladies are color-coordinated black and green. Classy! They opened with “Part of the Family,” and then Phil Sr. shared a moving story about a gentleman whose wife had left him (with another member of the church). He was despairing, then turned on the radio and heard the Collingsworths singing “God Sees the Storm,” and it caused him to weep and gave him hope. Good lead-in to that song.

Next, a fiddles duet (“Power in the Blood”), then a moving rendition of “I Can Trust Jesus.” I never get tired of hearing Courtney sing it. Phil finished by leading the crowd in a chorus of “Tis So Sweet.” Gerald came up afterwards and said he’s suggested that they record a CD/DVD with just the family gathered around Kim on piano. We would buy it!

L5 opened with “There’s Something About That Name,” then picked things up a little with “Strike Up the Band.” Now they’re singing “Destination Known.” So far it’s been a mellow stretch, I hope Gus blows the roof off with “I Stand Redeemed” or something like that.

Hmmmmm, well that didn’t happen, but Scott did give his usual rousing, “politically incorrect” introduction to “Truth Is Marching On.” Jim Brady is up on stage for the second verse and chorus! That drew a huge response. People just stood up during the final chorus and gave it a huge ovation.

I took a break for Ivan Parker, now GV is up. They opened with “It Means Just What it Says,” which kicked off a big Calvinist/Arminian discussion in the chat room. Now they’re singing “Pile of Crowns.”

After “He’d Still Been God,” Gerald set up “Til the Storm Passes By” with some moving words about his vocal struggles after having sinus surgery and being told that he’d have to unlearn the singing habits he’d developed over the years and start fresh. As a singer, I can sympathize! He said it’s really been a struggle and a storm for him. But God is always there. Wow, he just hit a power note! Go Gerald! Another standing-O. Now this is what a crowd should be like!

Gerald introduced Taranda Greene by talking about his experience listening to the Greenes’ final CD together, hitting replay on the last song, which was Taranda’s rendition of “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked.” And here she is singing that now. Powerful performance. I hadn’t thought there would be that many moments tonight, but apparently I was wrong!

The Hoppers are up singing “Count Me In.” Like Joseph Habedank last night, Connie Hopper was late on stage, and Dean was singing the first verse and then going, “I don’t know where Mom is, I hope she gets up here…” LOL. Once again, Taranda is up on stage with them. I really do wonder if they’ll be announcing her addition soon. She just sang “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin.” Tremendous! Afterwards they did a couple choruses of “Shoutin’ Time,” then closed by playing their new music video for “I Wish We’d All Been Ready.” Except for an odd bit with Dean in dark glasses toward the beginning, very well-done. Now they’re doing some filler before the next group…

And it’s the Booth Brothers! Michael did a short but very potent gospel presentation, leading into a surprisingly low-key number, “Tell Me.” Melissa Brady came up and sang with the Brothers and came back later for “Still Feelin’ Fine.”

WOW, hilarious moment just now, on the encore of “Still Feeling Fine,” Rodney Griffin came up and goofy-danced across the stage. But then things got really serious. Michael referred back to some comments Gerald had made earlier about heaven songs, that people who don’t like heaven songs probably won’t like being there that much, and he just gave a powerful message about hope and reliance on God through the reality of death. He said when you’ve carried your grandfather’s casket, and your father’s, and your uncle’s, and your close friend’s… and when you have children you would die for just like that, and worry about every day, he said, “I need some hope.” It was so gripping and emotional. Michael’s emceeing is hard to summarize after the fact, it must be experienced to understand what a powerful communicator he is. And then, of course, he started to sing “Look For Me.” It may have been the best he’s ever sung it.

Then Gerald came up, and there was a great comic moment where Michael rushed back on stage to grab his water bottle, which led to Gerald saying “Why is it that the sound guys think you can’t see them run on stage just ‘cuz they’re wearing black shirts?” He hyped up next year’s final Louisville NQC a little bit.

Voices of Lee came up next and schooled everybody in tight, harmonic perfection. They did “The Lord’s Prayer,” “Just a Little Talk,” “He Looked Beyond My Fault,” and finally a stunning new arrangement of “Mary Did You Know” that brought the house down.

Now the Talleys are opening with “Gentle Shepherd.” Just Lauren, Brian and Roger. Now they’re moving into “I Will Serve Thee” as Debra joins in. Smooth! Now for some finger-snapping on “Talk to the Lord About It.” I liked this on the record, but it makes for an even cuter live moment. After that, Lauren did a very sweet, tender rendition of “The Broken Ones” with just piano. Now they’re singing “Make Way For the Master.” Wonderful closing choice. This was a highlight of their new project.

At this point they rolled some highlights of the week. Now the Perrys are opening with “Everywhere I Go.” Joseph made it on stage this time. 😛 Next, “One of These Mornings.” I believe this is a new song they debuted earlier this week. Very solid up-tempo number. Next Joseph debuted a new song he’d written called “Whosoever Will,” a very touching story ballad. Then it was time for some dancing and shouting with “I Wish I Could Have Been There!” I glimpsed Michael Booth hamming it up on drums, Gerald Wolfe on keys, and Mark Trammell up on stage chiming in.

Tracy just shared some tragic stories I’d never heard before about two of Libbi’s brothers who died prematurely in freak accidents. They are always shown in the video that plays behind the Perrys when they sing “Celebrate Me Home,” and people were coming up and asking who they were. Tracy’s sharing their stories gave the song new poignancy.

All right folks, get your hands together for the GRAND FINALE. Greater Vision kicking it off with “My Name is Lazarus!” Next, the Talleys, with “The Healer.” Now the Hoppers are singing “Yes I Am.” Now the Booths with “Welcome to the Family.” I think they should have done this one earlier and filled this slot with “He Saw it All.”  It would have been perfect to set up “Four Days Late,” which KPNR is up singing now.

Now, to close everything, a whole slew of artists are up singing “Statement of Faith.” I see Booths, GV, L5, Perrys, Talleys, MTQ, KPNR, Browns, and Riley Clarke from Tribute. Not bad, not bad.

And that’s a wrap. It’s been a wonderful week. Many powerful testimonies, much beautiful music! Thanks to all who might be reading this who made the chat room so lively and fun. It was an integral part of my NQC experience and embodied what Christian fellowship should be all about. Leave your thoughts and comments! Good night all!


3 thoughts on “NQC Hasty Notes: Saturday Night

  1. I really enjoyed your updates. I’ve never been to a NQC so I enjoyed the behind the scenes peek. Since I heard about NQC moving, I would really like to go next year; it will be the last year that it will be within a reasonable distance. I was wondering if you could explain the ticket buying process and which tickets are good to buy, etc. The NQC website seems very confusing.

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