Paul Harkey on “He Made a Change”

I think this clip is better than the other one I shared yesterday, plus this is a song EHSS is known for. Take a listen!


10 thoughts on “Paul Harkey on “He Made a Change”

  1. I said this on Daniel’s blog too, but this move will have a similar effect as when Matt Fouch joined Legacy Five. Ever since Tim left the group, people have been saying that the group sound isn’t as good. This personnel change will go a long way to bring that sound back.

  2. He sounds good! More Tim-like (or am I ‘blaspheming” now, lol). In my opinion it took Ian, whom I love to hear, by the way, quite some time to feel comfortable with EHSS. My guess is Paul will fit in quite well.

  3. I’m very very happy with his joining signature sound. To me, something was just missing from the bass sound of signature sound when tim left. Paul is outstanding. In no way is that any disrespect to Ian Owens, I really enjoyed him with the imperials and think he is a great bass- just a different style.

    1. Maybe he was a better fit on some songs than others. I do think his upper range was more flexible than Tim’s and that was helpful to EHSS for their more progressive material. But Tim could spoil anybody. 🙂

  4. Darlene Pickett

    From Darlene
    I agree that Tis a terrific bass. I think paul Harkey is tops too. He has a big
    voice, and a great personality. You need to be pretty brave to attempt such
    complicated choreography without having time to really learn it. Paul has
    what it takes to be a member of Signature Sound. We can always expect
    the best from this group and never be disappointed.

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