Ian Owens Joins Soul’d Out Quartet

Did you see this coming?

Because I didn’t. Make that the SECOND singer with a “big” group who’s “stepped down” to Soul’d Out (the first being of course Bryan Hutson). Ian had this to say about the shift:

After spending a weekend on the road with Soul’d Out Quartet, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that joining their team is God’s will for my life. I am very excited to have the opportunity to spread the Word of God with such strong men of faith and integrity! Matt, Bryan, Dusty, and Michael all have such a sincere and earnest desire to see souls won and lives changed. I absolutely can not wait to be “pounding the pavement” with these awesome men! However…..I’m scared I may not be much of a bass singer for them if I’m always hoarse from laughing at them! They’re funny!!

Ian’s closing time with Signature Sound was warm, with many mutual “Love yous” and best wishes, even a socialcam video with Doug Anderson on the bus. However, I suspect Soul’d Out’s schedule may be a better fit than some of these more high-profile groups for the singers who leave to join them.

In any case, this is tremendous news for Soul’d Out, and it’s interesting to see the little switcheroo with Matt Fouch just having joined Legacy Five, since EHSS and L5 often get compared. Now they’re both linked through Soul’d Out. This will give them a different sound for sure. I hope Ian continues to be happy with them.


2 thoughts on “Ian Owens Joins Soul’d Out Quartet

  1. Surprised indeed.

    Ian was one of the most genuine guys I have had the honour of meeting on my travels to different concerts. He was genuinely and spontaneously funny! He also had a Northern Irish sense of humour. Glad to see Ian singing in a group that will fully showcase his abilities, that upper register of his is absolutely delightful.

    1. I enjoyed getting to know him as well. Truly a genuine and funny guy. I’m not sure what we can expect from his work with Soul’d Out that will be uniquely different from his work with EHSS, but I know they’ll have a great sound!

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