Veterans’ Day Song Compilation

In memory of our veterans, I’ve compiled a list of appropriate songs from artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Schultz and Five for Fighting. Some of them are music videos while others are simply photo compilations. For most of these I’ll simply provide a link to a Youtube video, but I picked one video to embed/feature, because the combination of images, footage and music is so fantastic. Someone put this together to Michael W. Smith’s instrumental tribute “Heroes” (I suggest using full-screen):

What Did He Die For (Twila Paris–music video)

Letters From War (Mark Schultz–music video)

What I’m Fighting For (Steven Curtis Chapman)

More Than a Name On a Wall (Jimmy Fortune–live performance)

If You’re Reading This (Tim McGraw)

Note to an Unknown  Soldier (Five for Fighting—This contains a reference to drinking beer with a vet. So yeah, you were warned…)

Freedom Never Cries (Five for Fighting–music video)

Freedom’s Never Free (Phillips, Craig & Dean)


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