Borrowing: “My Girl”

Imagine there’s no Jay-Z.

It isn’t hard to do.

No so-called hip-hop “music.”

And no Rihanna too.

Imagine all our eardrums living life in peace.


Okay, so that’s still a parody in progress, but it works to set up today’s “borrowing,” because I’m taking you back to the golden age of Motown. Yes, I hope to drown out the noise of your local pop station with a sweet reminder of what real Music used to sound like (RIP). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Temptations, singing “My Girl.”

(Note: This is the studio version, set to footage of them singing live):

Now I think this is the first time I’ve put a secular pop song in borrowing. But I got the idea from hearing Ernie Haase talk about the Temptations. He said that EHSS had been greatly influenced in their style by that group, and I can see what he means.

So, what could be more natural than EHSS covering “My Girl,” steps and snaps included? The only question is who should be featured. David Ruffin’s inimitable tenor voice shimmered over the original (he of whom Marvin Gaye simply conceded “I heard in his voice a strength my own voice lacked”). Should Ernie have the lead? Or how about a fresh approach with Doug Anderson? Doug has a beautiful upper register that doesn’t get heard often enough. He could bring a unique sweetness to the melody. Plus it would leave Ernie free for high harmony in the BGVs.

I’m serious about this. Who’s with me?


15 thoughts on “Borrowing: “My Girl”

  1. I love it and agree with you . Ernie and the guys would be great at this.
    I can see either Ernie or Doug as lead. Since both love their girls dearly it would come from the heart. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Say Yankee, this is off-topic, but do you know why my Google Reader comments feed doesn’t say there are comments right away? For example, I’m sure you’ll respond to this on Wednesday, but I might not get your response in my feed until Friday at the earliest. Its somewhat frustrating, and is why I usually refrain from posting…because it will be a few days until I see the response in my feed and by then its almost pointless to keep a conversation going that way.

      For the record, your RSS posts feed comes through fine. Thought maybe others might be experiencing this as well.

  2. Thought I’d check in. I posted this on the EHSS Facebook page, and E said “If I thought we would not be abandoned by our base I would “totally ” do this this!! I love the Temps!!!!!!”

      1. Oh, I’d forgotten about that. Was he really seriously considering it or just joking?

        In general, I agree that in terms of look and style, they seem to have upset more people than they would have by recording a classic pop song. I mean other gospel music singers have done that—-Karen Peck and New River have done more than one, and hasn’t Ivan Parker recorded something secular?

  3. Lydia

    So now I’m more educated than I was before, in a sense. From the Free Online Dictionary: “Mosh pit, noun. (Performing Arts / Dancing) Informal an area at a rock-music concert, usually in front of the stage, where members of the audience dance in a frantic and violent manner.”

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