Steve McQueen, Tom Horn


4 thoughts on “Steve McQueen, Tom Horn

  1. Michael Apalategui

    I was huge fan of his work but when I heard of his salvation I was so happy to know that he had gone to the place made for all God’s children. I thought of him as a “Poster Child of God”, as the ultimate example & witness of redemption after a life full of sin & regret. Yet your portrayal of his death with Billy Grahams Bible on his chest with the words “God so loved…” left me in tears. Is there possibly a stronger testimony of salvation and forgiveness? This article has reawakened my own failed Christian life. I now must push on to do what Christ asked of me decades ago. Thank you for you writing this article. You have no idea how much you have effected my life. God Bless you and yours. Michael Apalategui

  2. What a blessing it was to red this article. It brought back some strong memories for me, you see, I came to Christ on August 1, 1978, after a decade of drugs, rebellion, immorality, four years in Viet Nam, the occult, broken relationships, blaming everyone else and everything else for my failures and lack of purpose.
    God has been gracious to me, as I have now been pastoring for 30+ years and I am blessed with a loving wife, four good kids, four grandchildren, and an excitement for each and every day to serve the Lord and His Church, while sharing the Message of Jesus Christ: crucified, resurrected, coming again.
    I lived with my mom for that first year as a Christian, at age 29; she lived in Ventura and we attended the church where Steve McQueen came in late, sat in the back, left early. I had heard the story from some folks about a pilot who flew Steve to church, and how this pilot had been instrumental in leading Steve to Christ. What a joy to come across this article and hear how it happened.
    Steve was always one of my favorite actors, and I am so glad to know that he is spending eternity in heaven, where all those who believe in and confess Jesus Christ as lord and Savior will go.
    Mike Hale
    Central Oregon Coast

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