Quick Poll: What Browser Do You Use?

I’m in the process of transferring computers and have noticed that Chrome can be more flexible than Firefox. For example, I discovered the website Tubechop while using the computer with Chrome and successfully snipped a video clip. When I switched back to the computer with Firefox, it wouldn’t work with the site or play the clip. I’d like to make use of this site in the future for sharing video, so it made me wonder if other Firefox users would have the same problem.

So, here’s a little poll. What browser are you currently using most frequently?


10 thoughts on “Quick Poll: What Browser Do You Use?

  1. Saved Girl

    I have always been a devoted IE user. I started with it, and I can’t stand change in how things are set up. But, the new IE browser looked so different and strange that I just couldn’t use it. So, now I’m a Chrome user. It’s seems to work pretty well.

    1. I’ve been figuring out how to use Chrome and really like it too! One thing I realized is that I need to disable the embedded flash player and download Shockwave externally. Otherwise it keeps crashing over and over.

      1. I have tried ’em all …. Chrome (didn’t like). Maxthon – liked some features, IE (don’t like much — and MS isn’t exactly known for being hack proof), Safari (didn’t like), etc – still kept going back to Firefox – the plethora of extensions & addons, the open source nature to allow contributions from many all around the world. the features, etc all combine to make it the best. Many features we take for granted in today’s browsers, were first developped for FF and others by Opera (my second choioce). I have used FF since the early internet days when it was called Mosaic then Netscape – when there were no other graphical browser apps.

  2. I used to use Chrome mainly. It seemed to be faster for me than IE. Since I’ve gotten my new computer, I’ve mainly used IE. I don’t have very many (if any) addons installed, and it’s worked great! 🙂

  3. Well, it looks like a surprising number of readers use Internet Explorer. I expected more Firefox. Then again, it seems like most everyone in the world hates Firefox, so why should I be surprised?

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