New Year’s Poll: Who’s Reading?

Each new year, I’m planning to take some kind of poll regarding who’s reading and (hopefully) enjoying this blog. Last year I actually did a couple polls like this and got helpful results. However, I’ve gained some readers since then. At the end of last year I wrote what I consider to be my best piece, the story of Steve McQueen’s conversion to Christianity. This ended up being by far my most popular post thanks to some very kind referrals. For the past few months this piece has consistently been one of my most-viewed pages, and I get new people pinging back to it almost every week. Through its circulation, I’ve gained some new official followers, and though I can’t be sure how many new regular readers I picked up, I must have picked up at least a few.

As I’ve said before, I blog about what interests me, and even though this blog is called Southern Gospel Yankee, there are a lot of topics I cover. For this reason, I sometimes worry that I might be losing the attention of that core group of readers who first came here just to read about southern gospel music. For those faithful readers who fall in that group, I still want to serve you, and I hope you’re not bored to tears yet!

So here’s a new poll for a new year. To re-state my first category slightly, it’s for people who are more or less bored by anything I write that doesn’t have a southern gospel focus. If that describes you, don’t be shy about clicking this option! I want to know the truth.

All of your feedback is greatly appreciated and helpful. I need to take some time to focus on a difficult math course this week, so I may just leave this at the top of the blog for a few days:


10 thoughts on “New Year’s Poll: Who’s Reading?

  1. Me

    I’m here for southern gospel. It’s your blog of course, and you are free to write what you please! πŸ™‚ I read today’s post because the title pretty much was along the lines of what I have thought here for a long time.
    I started reading your blog because there isn’t enough SG commentary. That’s why I come here. I check it most days but I can’t click it closed fat enough when I see posts about secular music comparisons or gandalf.

    That’s not a criticism , it’s your page ! But a title change might be in order. Have a nice day!

    1. No problem! I’ve thought about changing the title before. The problem is I don’t know much about changing domain name and then referring readers automatically to a new site. I think that’s a little clunkier for than blogs. But I have played with the idea.

  2. I voted for the first option because I’m here primarily for the SG stuff. However, there is occasionally other stuff you post that interests me…just not nearly as often as the SG posts do.

      1. Saved Girl

        No, I wouldn’t say that I’m bored. In fact, I genuinely enjoy some of your non-SG posts. But I am mainly here for Southern Gospel and it makes me happiest when you post about SG. πŸ™‚

  3. quartet-man

    SG is the main reason I am here, but I enjoy some of the other things and the McQueen thing was one of the best things here. What it comes to is I can choose to read or not whatever is here and even on SG blogs not every post will be about an artist or topic that interests me. Such is life.

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