A Call for Messages to the Perrys [Updated With Urgent Prayer Request]

Lauren at View From the Pew has posted a call for Perrys fans to send her any letters, e-mails, or encouraging notes that they would like to share with the Perrys. She will then put them together in a book for the family. This is a sweet idea. Please check out her post and share if you know any other Perrys fans. If you’d like to send an e-mail message, she has provided her address.

Libbi’s latest update was marked “urgent.” Tracy has a fever, and they are trying to diagnose the source of the temperature. Doctors think there is an infection, but their highest antibiotics have been ineffective. That was this morning. Future updates will be posted here.


Update from Libbi, Saturday morning, January 26th:

Tracy done good through the night. Was off the blood pressure medicine all night! And his blood pressure stayed in area of 117 / 64. They turned it back on just now because it went up while they were changing his sheets and bathing him. Temp is 101. Praise God, Praise God, Thank You Jesus!!!

Waiting on blood culture results to come back on infection. Chest X-ray showed chest congestion & fluid. Gave him lasiks to remove fluid. They have him almost fully sedated in order to let his body and brain rest from yesterday morning being so bad.

And I was able to sleep 4 hrs!!! Plan on slipping in some cat naps through out the day!!!

Thank you to TaRanda Greene for being there for me yesterday!!
Please know I cherish every prayer you pray for us!!!!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “A Call for Messages to the Perrys [Updated With Urgent Prayer Request]

  1. Just a word of comfort for you and your family. Terry is in the hands of our Heavenly Father. He knows what will need to be done to restore Terry to good health. Our prayers are with you and your family for comfort and assurance. He will provide healing and restoration. May God bless all of you and provide all of your needs.

      1. Well, that was close though, wasn’t it? Sorry about that. I have a serious problem with my brain. It stopped working when I hit 75. My Son said I was “Dain Bread”. Absolutely no hope for recovery. PBP&K*


  2. Still praying and believing God has a plan.He has not forgotten anything about Tracy and the family. Call on him for strength during all of the dark times. He will supply all of your needs.

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