GaitherVevo Previews Pure and Simple DVD

Here are some clips from the most recent Gaither DVD, the GVB’s Pure and Simple, live. I’ve been really enjoying these sneak peeks. I was especially glad to see “Road to Emmaus,” since I had not heard that song in the version of the album that I listened to:

Here’s one of my favorites, “Winds of This World”:

Here’s “The Love of God”:

Here’s “Cup of Sorrow,” for which I especially enjoyed seeing the live instrumentation:


5 thoughts on “GaitherVevo Previews Pure and Simple DVD

    1. Brett, it’s funny you should say that. I’ve got a post coming soon where I kind of ask the same question. The bottom line is that this is an unintended but unfortunate consequence of Gaither’s decision to put their content on an official channel.

      1. Saved Girl

        I know, the whole VEVO thing really annoys me. I use Google Chrome though and with Ad Blocker I don’t have to see most of the junk behind it anymore. But now it makes me hesitant to share a link to any of the videos on the channel. And they managed to get just about all the “unofficial” video’s that had their content on them kicked off of youtube. Which doesn’t completely make sense to me; I guess they must lose some money from people not buying the videos and just watching them on the internet, but my siblings and I wouldn’t have even heard of the GVB if it hadn’t been for seeing Together clips on youtube. And we have become pretty dedicated customers. 🙂

  1. quartet-man

    Yeah, for years they never minded other people putting the videos up, but many have been removed by EMI (or at least blocked here) and they don’t always have the same version up on Vevo. Gaither shows the videos on several TV channels and I think sometimes pays to have them shown, so I think the Youtube thing helped to get the material out there (although I guess I understand that unlike TV where you watch whatever they show when they show it (unless you record), you can pull them up on demand on Youtube. Plus, I suppose that unlike the somewhat truncated versions on TV, people can put the entire thing on Youtube (at least in parts). Maybe too, the agreement with EMI might not keep full control with Gaither as far as copyrights.

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