YouWriteSongs Website—Vanished?

A few months ago, Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey teamed up to create a site called, offering tips and advice to aspiring songwriters. Yesterday I went to the site and got an empty page. It appears to have vanished. Are other people encountering the same thing?

Anyone who knows something I don’t is welcome to clarify in the comments. If the site really is down, it could be for a variety of reasons. Whatever it is, I hope the change isn’t permanent. Meanwhile, I’m working to see if I can find out any additional info. Further updates will be posted here.

[Update: quartet-man did a little digging and unearthed the fact that it appears the domain name expired on February 7th without renewal. Mystery (kinda) solved.]


6 thoughts on “YouWriteSongs Website—Vanished?

  1. Lydia McGrew

    The look of the page says to me the domain name has been grabbed by cybersquatters. What’s odd about that is that if they only started the site a few months ago one would have thought they would have owned the domain name for _at least_ a year if not several years before this could happen. However, I’m very much afraid that that’s what it looks like.

  2. Lydia McGrew

    They might have had the rest of their content (e.g., any posts or discussion of the videos) backed up, or else have access to it in some other way. When a domain name is purchased by someone unrelated to the original site owner, the original site owner doesn’t necessarily lose his content. For example, I had an on-line friend who apparently had a custom domain name that was grabbed by cybersquatters, but all the content of his blog could be extracted using the “extract” function from his Blogger dashboard. It all depends on where the content of any posts, etc., is hosted.

    It’s also possible that they just decided to ditch the site on purpose and let the domain name go. The whole thing is a little mysterious either way, if it was only up for a few months to begin with.

    Frankly, to my mind the possibility of forgetting to renew a domain name and losing normal access to one’s site (and one’s readers losing access) is an argument for using free blogs as much as possible, such as free WordPress or Blogger blogs, without using special domain names that one has to renew oneself. Also, if one purchases a domain name via a hosting site such as Yahoo (geocities), and it’s one of the domain names they simply offer to you, it’s supposed to be their responsibility to renew it and not let it expire.

  3. quartet-man

    Many years ago while in the process of making a website, the head of the committee got an email saying the domain was going to be lost (or something) and she fell for it giving someone else the domain name somehow. It was held for hostage, so we went with a different name. I eventually got it back some years later.

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