Four Southern Gospel Sites to Merge

After an elaborate buildup on David Bruce Murray’s site, the long-expected “change” has finally been announced: Murray, together with colleague Kyle Boreing, Phil from North Ireland, concert-reporter Diana Brantley, and Steve Eaton (aka “the world’s most indefatigable southern gospel blogger”) are joining forces to create a new super-site. Congrats to all the bloggers involved. Once it’s launched, the new site is going to be your one-stop place for all things southern gospel—revisiting classic music, reviewing new music, concert reviews and clips, and even an international perspective with our friend Phil. All archives will be ported over I’ve heard, which is obviously vital. In the meantime, further contributions from all the bloggers will be posted on Steve Eaton’s site Southern Gospel Back Row.

What exactly the new site is to be named is yet to be decided. The band of bloggers is looking for ideas, from YOU. Daniel Mount has pointed out that Musicscribe is the oldest southern gospel blogging brand and would encompass all the other bloggers under its umbrella. I can see the logic in that. Still, it seems like the phrase “southern gospel” should be worked into the title somehow.

So how about “Southern Gospel Musicscribe”?


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