Recently Added: Pop Oldies

Nothing can cheer me up like a good slab of old-time pop cheese. Below are some of the morsels that have inspired me lately. Aged 30-50 years for exceptional flavor…First, the Four Tops:

See below for more. I can vividly remember discovering Stevie Wonder’s cover of “We Can Work It Out” the same day I discovered Toto’s “Rosanna.” My head exploded. Not really, but musically speaking, it exploded. It was late at night, and all I could do was dance for the joy of that harmonica solo and that drum line and that piano breakdown. With that much awesome in my ears, how could I not?

For an abridged version of “Feels So Good,” click here. This is the version I actually put on my ipod. But when I discovered that the original was three times longer (and hence three times awesomer), I felt bad. So I’ve included the 3x awesome version in this widget for your pleasure.



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