Greater Vision Offers Clearance Deal On Soon to Be OOP Records

I got this somewhat shocking bit of news in my inbox from Greater Vision the other day:

Our Record Company recently announced they would be discontinuing some of our most popular CD Titles from their inventory So… we went to Nashville and picked up all they had, and we’re making them available to you! Once these are gone, they’re gone!

This Clearance Special includes these CDs…”Faces”, “Quartets”, and “Live At First Baptist Atlanta”. These CDs include some of our most-popular songs, like “He’d Still Been God”, “Faces”, “With All The Many Miracles”, “It Is Well With My Soul”, “He Is To Me”, “A Pile Of Crowns”, “Just Ask”, “Soon We Will See”, and MORE! 37 Songs in all! A $45 Value.

This is very puzzling to me. Why on earth would the record company discontinue the albums containing Greater Vision’s most popular songs? Quite frankly, this is disgraceful. Our best southern gospel artists deserve better than to have their best-loved music pulled off the shelf.

As a bonus, GV is throwing in the Live at Oak Tree DVD/CD combo. All CDs and the DVD are being packaged together for only $20. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Get it here while supplies last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Is anyone else ticked off about this? Because I’m pretty ticked off. It’s one thing to pull an old album with songs nobody knows. This is another thing altogether. [Update: Brian has pointed out that these albums are probably still available digitally, and in fact Amazon mp3 is still offering them. This does mitigate my ticked-offedness, because I had assumed they were not available digitally.]


8 thoughts on “Greater Vision Offers Clearance Deal On Soon to Be OOP Records

  1. It’s all the “ALMIGHTY DOLLAR”!!! Just shows you the direction the world is heading. Don’t you know God just wants to puke at the things going on today. The last straw I think will be the “UNKNOWING SUPREME COURT”
    rendering its opinion on same sex marriage. (Care for my opinion, IT”S SIN.) My Lord, people what are we heading for??? If Sodom and Gomorrah was bad, stick around. You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!!

  2. I’m sure they will still be available digitally. Fewer and fewer people are buying CDs anymore anyway. It’s hard enough to sell new CDs…I’d imagine the number of 10 year-old CDs coming off the shelves is not all that significant.

    That said, if for some reason a southern gospel fan doesn’t have these CDs, they would be essential for your music collection, and you must take advantage of this special.

  3. David Bruce Murray

    Daywind is still a very traditional company. There was a time when a record label had to discontinue product from time to time when there was no justification for printing up another 1000 or so. It’s not “disgraceful” at all for a label to cease maintaining physical inventory when a title’s sales have declined, which is what Daywind appears to be doing with these Greater Vision titles.

    It’s just not clear why they haven’t embraced print-on-demand technology. No title in a label’s catalog should ever go entirely out of print any more. In fact, they should be bringing back old titles, because it’s now profitable to print them one at a time after the customer orders them.

  4. Tad Kirkland

    Surely the best known songs will be or are already available on a greatest hits CD. Even better–rerecorded with Chris!

  5. John

    Although these albums that you mentiioned are still popular in the Southern Gospel world, the fact is that SG is still a very small segment of the music industry. Hanging onto cartons of CDs that are several years old in a warehouse in which new material is constantly being moved in and out may not make financial sense for the record company. How many 5-10 year old CDs are still actively on the market with any other genre of music?
    BTW, I am a fan of Greater Vision, and enjoy their music very much. But I also realize that the music industry doesn’t revolve around Southern Gospel. We are a very small slice of their pie.

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