Southern Gospel vs. The Rest of the World: Sisters and The Andrews Sisters

This one occurred to me the other day, and my instant thought was “Duh! Of course!” So here’s a family harmony installment of Southern Gospel vs. The Rest of the World.

First, The Andrews Sisters. I have a special fondness for these gals because I grew up on them. My folks gave me a greatest hits collection and a double-disc collection of their duets with Bing Crosby for Christmas one year when I was a little girl. That was around the same time they put The Great Gershwin Decca Songbook in my hands. For months on end, I was in jazz heaven, singing along with everything from Judy Garland to Louis Armstrong’s trumpet (mixed success on the later).But I always came back to the Andrews Sisters. Today I’m featuring two of their signature songs: “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time.” “Boogie Woogie” first. I know the sound quality isn’t perfect on this clip (plus these things are never truly “live”), but I couldn’t resist showing them in full pin-up get-up. (Makes me long for the old days before the insanity/obscenity of putting women in the troops.)

I discovered that the recording of “I’ll Be With You” on my CD is actually a re-recording from the 1950s, not the original 1941 pressing. But after comparing the two, I actually prefer the re-recording. The slightly older blend was deeper, more rich and expansive. Listening to this again yesterday made me tear up as I thought about the couple next door who lived through WWII and both recently passed away.

As for the Sisters, I think this clip pretty much covers what they can do!


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