All Active Former Cathedrals to Reunite in Concert

For the first time ever, ALL currently touring ex-Cathedrals are going to reunite in a November concert. This includes Danny Funderburk, Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler, Ernie Haase, and Mark Trammell. Get all the goods in this press conference:

There’s already been a DVD featuring former Cathedrals, but it did not feature Ernie. This concert brings everyone together. Gerald seemed to be implying that it will not be captured on DVD, which I’m sad about because I don’t travel, so I’ll never make it to Fort Worth to see this in action.

What about you? You planning to make it?


9 thoughts on “All Active Former Cathedrals to Reunite in Concert

  1. Saved Girl

    This does look like an interesting event, but, like you, I can’t make it all the way to Texas. I did find the video a little funny to watch. A lot of the guys looked like they didn’t know what to do with themselves while the press release was being read. 😀

      1. Saved Girl

        I know, I thought the same thing, but wasn’t sure if I should point it out. 😀 He looked so ashen. Especially put right next to Ernie, who looks like he’s been on quite a few cruises this year.

  2. Jennifer

    Actually Gerald implied there WOULD be a video. If you listen closely he says “If you are here in person you will see things that won’t be seen anywhere else, not online, not on facebook and not on THE video” Take that as you will; but that tells me there will indeed be video done, as there should be!

  3. Reading other SG fan sites, it seems like people aren’t too impressed. Thats extremely sad to read.

    “Only thing different is addition of EHSS”
    “I’ve seen the other reunion concerts, and I’m not a fan of EHSS”
    “Nothing to get excited about”
    “Adding EHSS and Danny doesn’t impress me at all”
    “Too far away for me to attend”
    “There still won’t be George and Glen there”
    “I don’t think I’d attend if I lived next door”

    Like I said, this really makes me sad. I know I come from a different place because I’m a fan of EHSS, but more than that, I’m a fan of Southern Gospel music.

    Is this really the state of southern gospel music? If so, I’m disappointed…

    1. Well, it’s too far away for me to attend too, so I wouldn’t lump that one in there together with the other comments. But regarding the complaints, that is disappointing. I understand that adding Ernie is the only change compared to a DVD like _Remember the Music_, but it’s a pretty significant change to my mind! Having him together with Danny will be amazing, and helpful for holding up the tenor end of these songs since Ernie’s voice may have aged better than Danny’s. And I most certainly would attend if I lived next door—are you kidding??

      The other complaint I’ve seen is that Kirk Talley won’t be involved. However, he’s been having very serious vocal problems for months, and so even aside from any other issues, I don’t know if he would be so completely recovered by November as to feel like committing now.

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