SG vs. CCM Smackdown: “Your Love Broke Through” and “Love Was in the Room”

Pitting southern gospel songs against similar songs from the world of contemporary Christian music. I think I’ve done precisely one of these so far. High time for another installment.

Both of these songs use some of the same language and imagery to refer to God’s redemptive love. But stylistically, they couldn’t possibly be more different. Keith Green’s “Your Love Broke Through” may be a blast from the past for some of you. It’s the epitome of light 70s pop. Karen Carpenter could have sung this one and it would have been a perfect fit. “Love Was In the Room” is a warm, country-styled harmony vehicle, done to perfection by the Booth Brothers.

This might come down to a matter of taste, but surely some objective comparisons could be made. I’ll just say, to kick things off, that a big strength of both songs is melodic richness. Let’s see what y’all think:



5 thoughts on “SG vs. CCM Smackdown: “Your Love Broke Through” and “Love Was in the Room”

  1. Lydia

    I admit to a bias. Not only do I like the Booth Brothers _much_ more than I like Keith Green (to put it mildly), but my inclination is to damn the torpedoes and to say that a “warm, country-styled harmony vehicle” is per se musically better than a song that is the “epitome of light 70’s pop.” Simply in virtue of those characteristics alone. In fact, I was on the verge of commenting that an objective point in favor of “Love Was in the Room” is the fact that it invites beautiful harmonies whereas “Your Love Broke Through” doesn’t, and then I re-read and realized that you had sort of anticipated that point in your set-up descriptions.

    I would also say that there is one point in “Your Love Broke Through” that to my mind has a _particularly_ stumbling harmonic progression: That is the progression from whatever phrase comes before it to the chord for the word “until” in “until your love broke through.” I suppose tjat that chordal shift is supposed be fresh, but to me, it just grates. It sounds wrong.

  2. lee65

    Love both songs!!! I could hear Anne Murray or Cyrstal Gayle doing a nice version of the Keith Green song and on the gospel side, Janet Paschall and maybe even The Ruppes (Sisters) could do well with it.

    1. You’re right, it’s very much up Janet Paschall’s alley. Funny to think that Keith got lumped together with the rest of the “evil Christian rock” at the time, but in hindsight it’s very musically laid-back.

  3. Oh my, Keith Green brought back so many memories, being a child of the 70’s 🙂 I even was able to sing along the whole song again … imagine that, after all these years! LOL

    I “discovered” the Booth Brothers about two years ago and I love their music. This song is no exception … it’s wonderful!

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