George Jones and Vestal Goodman

I was inspired to go look up this video when I heard of the passing of country legend George Jones. It tells the unforgettable story of how Vestal Goodman, in her words, “ran the devil off” at George’s place when he was deep in depression but asked for Vestal to visit him.

I don’t know whether the lonely old Possum ever trusted his life completely to Jesus before he died. If this article is any indication, it seems that he at least had a desire for the gospel. Hopefully he’s up there with Vestal singing in that angel band right now.


5 thoughts on “George Jones and Vestal Goodman

  1. lee65

    Love The Possum, gonna miss him.Slip over to Youtube and look up George and Connie Smith singing I Can Live Forever,it’s a great song!!!

  2. Donna Meek

    I have the video where Vestal and George are singing “Angel Band”. I just heard him sing “Amazing Grace”, and let me tell you, he sings it with conviciton. I believe in my heart that HE is up there with Vestal Goodman and the rest of the Goodman family singing “Angel Band”. You know that was Sam Goodman’s song. George, one of these days, I hope to see you in heaven.

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