My Patheos Evangelical Feature

This week I had the privilege of providing the top feature piece on the Evangelical channel of Patheos. Interested readers can click here to read. (And for those who care, you’ll see that now you have something to call me!) Briefly, this piece takes a look at the popular sentiment that fear and love are always mutually exclusive. I point out some of the very real threats that the church and the world are facing today, and why we should not take them lightly. I also respond to the misguided observations doled out even by some popular conservative pastors to the effect that moral outrage is a sign of insecurity in the gospel, and that “us versus them” rhetoric is a fear-mongering tactic with no basis in reality.

I begin the article with a quotation from Whittaker Chambers. If you are unfamiliar with this name, I strongly recommend that you research this man’s contribution to the fight against communism, and I also recommend that you read his autobiography Witness. It’s a very long story, but well worth considering and imitating. I was honored to receive a nice comment on my piece from Whittaker Chambers’ grandson David.


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