Meet the New Perrys!

Well, as many of you know from other reports, Joseph Habedank decided it was God’s will for him to leave the Perrys. Many of us were sorry to see him go, as his lead vocals have long been a defining part of what made the group’s sound so memorable. However, after some consideration, the Perrys have hired an excellent replacement in David Ragan, formerly with the Inspirations. They’re also introducing a previously unknown young alto vocalist to the world in Leah Page. As Bryan Walker says in this video, she’s only nineteen years old! Yet she already has a strong, clear tone, obviously very much influenced by Libbi Stuffle. This is a good thing!

Here is Leah’s performance of “Through the Night”:

And here are more recent performances by the new Perrys:

Finally, if you wanted to hear Bryan sing “If You Knew Him,” here you go. (HT: A reader on Daniel Mount’s blog):


2 thoughts on “Meet the New Perrys!

  1. They are going to be in Arkansas tomorrow night! Looking forward to seeing them live, especially after seeing these great clips! Thanks for sharing!

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