Monday Morning Humor: The First Singer-Songwriter On the Moon


6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor: The First Singer-Songwriter On the Moon

  1. Saved Girl

    Kinda funny, but i think you missed a blasphemy there near the end. It’s kind of easy to miss, but I’m pretty sure it’s there.

    1. Thanks, you’re right, I re-watched it again and caught it. Ah well, the main thing I try to avoid is repetitive foul talk and hints of sexual humor anyway. I think my ear is also more tuned to catch “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” in that department.

  2. Lydia

    This is extremely funny. I like the look on the guy’s face when he’s trying to find an answer about how you would identify Armstrong if someone clueless asked you.

  3. Marius B

    “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for Joy, the less joy of the Lord you have the more entertainment you need.” Leonard Ravenhill
    I´m sorry, I watched this guys, and they play stuff with other guys, and the other guys are really blasphemous. And anyway, in the whole thing there is nothing that brings God glory, just waste of time. His time.

    1. Hi Marius. When I started this series I made a note saying that I would only feature clean humor but that didn’t mean I recommended everything from a given source. I know that not everything from a particular show is going to be appropriate, and it’s certainly not my intention to recommend something whole-hog like that! But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying good clean fun. It seems to me that God has a sense of humor.

  4. Marius B

    I don´t intend to be harsh or play smart, it just saddens me, because I´m just a men, and we need to lift up each other, and help each other to find Him. Let´s encourage each other to apply what we know already… I don´t know. I know it´s not about deeds. Forgive my intervention if you find it uninspired or wrongly addressed. But if you find it good, take joy in Him and share about that, so we can follow.

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