Related Videos On Embeds

This is a quick note to inform you that it appears I no longer have control over whether or not an embedded video’s related videos appear on my site after the clip has finished playing. I’m very annoyed about this, because sometimes I can embed a perfectly good video that has something inappropriate in the sidebar. For a long time there’s been a feature enabling me to cut all that out when I embed. Now, apparently, I can’t anymore. In light of this, I will try to be especially careful to choose versions of videos that don’t have foul words or images right in related vid preview stills. Just be warned that so-called “related videos” can sometimes be completely unrelated. It could be a song that’s currently “hot” and has NOTHING to do with the clip I embedded! (Although some genuinely related videos might contain inappropriate content too, e.g., a song I do NOT endorse by a non-Christian artist I happen to like.)

Piggy-backing off that last point, please also keep in mind that if it’s Monday Morning Humor, and there’s a related video from the same source I took a clip from, that related video may not be appropriate! I pick and choose “funnies” from a variety of sources, some of which are not Christian. So DON’T assume that I am recommending an entire show, group or comedian because I posted a couple good things from them.


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