A Prayer Request From Legacy 5

The other day I received an e-mail notification from Legacy 5 with some news about their friend Patty and her little girl, Hannah, whom fans will recognize as the inspiration behind the song “Ask Me Why.” (For those unfamiliar with the story, briefly, Legacy 5 was involved in helping both of them convert from Islam to Christianity.) The father remained Muslim and divorced the mother, which under the circumstances seemed like one of the less disastrous things that could have happened. However, he is now suing for full custody of the little girl. The hearing is on August 1st. Hannah wants to continue living with her mom and is horrified at the prospect of being forced to live with her father. For those of us who are familiar with Muslim culture, we know this could be a very bad situation for Hannah if her father has his way.

I was recently in some correspondence with Gus Gaches, who told me that his family is flying out so his wife can testify on Hannah’s behalf. He would appreciate your prayers for their safe travel, and I’m sure L5 would appreciate your prayers for Hannah and her mother. Hannah is 13 years old, which may mean that she has more of a say in deciding her own fate. Her mother also has legal precedent on her side, as it’s atypical for a man to get full custody of the children in a divorce suit.


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