Monday Morning Humor/Mini-Sermon: Alistair Begg on Contemporary Worship

Alistair Begg gets on a rrrrroll with an excellent rrrrrant about the state of today’s worship music. Introduced by Todd Friel, singing an ode to his favorite restaurant to make a point about the substance (or lack thereof) in the songs we sing to praise God.

Amongst the humor, there is also a good deal of wisdom packed into this about the need to look beyond ourselves and get past how we feel to what we know is the truth about our Lord Jesus and his Word. Don’t miss it while you’re laughing.


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor/Mini-Sermon: Alistair Begg on Contemporary Worship

  1. I love to listen to Alistair Begg. He has a way to preach about the most serious subjects in a way that makes me grin somewhere along the line – which makes me want to listen even more.

    This rrrrant about today’s worship is right up my alley. Being part of an evangelical church I had to be deliriously happy at 9am on Sunday morning which is absolutely impossible for me. On top of that most songs were about how happy I was (I wasn’t, of course 😉 ).
    So yes, I loved this mini-sermon!

    1. I agree. He’s awesome anyway, but the Scottish accent multiplies the awesome. Thankfully I’ve never experienced the kind of service he’s describing, having grown up in a retro-trad offshoot of the Anglican Church.

  2. Becky Cantrell

    We’re huge fans of Dr. Begg. We also agree with the praise songs being so empty. There’s so much meat in the hymns and it is replete with scripture. Sometimes I think I’m quoting a hymn and my husband will give the scripture reference. Give me hymns and Give Me Jesus.

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