NQC 2013 Live Commentary: Monday Night

This is going to be a collection of my thoughts and ramblings as I enjoy as much as I can of tonight’s concerts. Feel free to add your voice to the comments section, fill in any gaps, and agree or disagree as the Spirit leads! I will unfortunately be working from 7:00 to 8:00 but hope to continue on from there to the end of the evening.

Let the commentary begin!


6:30 PM, EST: The Browns are up, singing “What a Beautiful Day.” I like the harmonies! Okay, my first question, anybody can answer this: Where is the chat box??? In previous years the webcast viewers have been able to gab along in the com box, but I see nothing similar on my video pass. Not happy. Hoping this is temporary, if you have more details PLEASE leave them in my comments section.

Hey, they’re singing “Be Thou My Vision.” Cool! Adam is sounding a little pitchy though. I do like the arrangement. I also just want to compliment them on some very classy wardrobe choices. I love the black and white look.

Okay, now they’re doing a new song called “Rock and Redeemer.” I like the bluegrass feel. Andrew took lead on verse one, and he’s really matured as a vocalist! His stage presence makes me think of Josh Singletary. Now it’s the children’s song “A Place In the Choir.” They’re doing a new trick where all three of the kids scrape their bows over Michaela’s fiddle at the same time.

My computer is freezing up, so there may not be any more updates until 8:00. Stay tuned…

It’s 6:57 and I’m back for just a few minutes. It looks like a showcase group—a men’s trio I don’t recognize. Singing a song called “I Can Call Jesus.”  They have a tight sound. Perhaps a reader can fill me in on what this group is called. One younger guy, two older.

Pause just to note that I have a daily schedule on the site for my webpass. Here’s the night’s lineup in order:



Penny Loafers



Squire Parsons


Afternoon Showcase Winner


Greater Vision

Sing-a-long with Gerald Wolfe

Ivan Parker

Showcase Winner

Booth Brothers

Finale (everybody)

8:02 Aaaaaaand we’re back! With Triumphant! An oldie I think: “Don’t Let the Sandals Fool Ya.” Looking classy, but what’s with the ties? Seriously, some very odd designs going on there!

Now I don’t know what this is called, but the first verse lists each book of the Old Testament. Needless to say this one takes a while to get off the ground! Oh that’s right, I’ve heard of this one. It’s “He Is.” Okay, I’m getting a bit tired of the list. This is dull. But I think the chorus is coming… wait, no chorus? Right, I get it now. The WHOLE thing is a list. And here I thought “Alpha and Omega” was the height of dullness when it came to unending lists. This thing has no tune. Or practically no tune. Yawn. Wait, wait, we’re getting a bit of excitement now! A break from the list. Oh man, I think I counted two or three Gaither ripoffs in this part alone, but hey, something other than The List.

Eric Bennett is being featured now. Awwww, it’s “He Loves Me.” David Sutton’s voice is very sweet on this one. Glad they didn’t drag it out though.

Hmmm, a minor hiccup as Bennett’s intro was a little interrupted by the track for “When the Trumpet Sounds.” He didn’t miss a beat though. Great finish! Yes, an encore is definitely in order.

Oh this is cool. They’re running a “Remembering the Louisville Years” reel for NQC. The moment when Ben Speer announced the retirement of the Speer Family… gosh, this is a tear-jerker! Folks were whipping out the hankies left and right! Apparently this is actually a clip from a DVD that’s now being sold at NQC booths. I like that idea—a nice way to say goodbye to Louisville properly (and make a little more money too—not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Squire Parsons is up now, singing “Beulah Land.” It’s good to see that he’s still singing! He is joined by his son and daughter-in-law.

I just paused to check and see if we’re on schedule, and apparently we are. As of now anyway! Now Squire is singing a new song called “The Bible In the Room,” which is dedicated to the ministry of the Gideons (of Gideon Bible fame). It’s kind of a snoozer, to be honest, but I do like the idea of the lyrics. Now they’re on to “I Wanna Go Out With a Shout.”

I love this part—Gerald Wolfe doing audience singalong. “This Little Light of Mine.” “And now we’ve got the prophecy verse… ‘Let it shine til Jesus comes!’ Oh there is another one? Oh ‘Hide it under a bushel,’ that’s my favorite verse!” I think Phil Cross just got up, but unfortunately my ‘cast cut out at the same moment. One moment please…

Back now, Dean Hopper leading “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Gerald: “It is SO easy to tell who of you never went to Sunday School.”

Up next, the Collingsworth Family! Yes! Kim and Phil are doing their thing on trumpet and piano. Now they’re singing “Living In Love With the Lord.” Cute opener. Listening to Brooke carry it home has set me to wondering what the family would do if she came off the road to have a few babies. Courtney’s range is wide enough that she could probably take over. The harmony would just be a little bit thinner.

Oh cool, they’re singing something from the new hymns project now. “My Jesus I Love Thee.” Courtney and Phil Jr. just did a great little duet on verse 2.

Kim is now pounding it out on “And Can It Be.” But seriously, she needs to ditch those BGVs. I HATE BGVs on piano solos! I wish they would just let the rest of the family sing them live. Even live is better than canned.

Kim just recounted an anecdote she read about from a church who told a lady she couldn’t lead an audience in a song about the blood of Jesus. Apparently he told her it was “gory” and “politically incorrect.” “Aren’t we sick of that term?” Kim just said. “Boy, if we were ever asked to that church I’d pick EVERY SONG I KNOW about the blood of Jesus.” And, of course, now they’re singing “The Blood of Jesus.” I still think this is one of their strongest songs. Honestly, they don’t always pick songs that are as strong as their vocals deserve, but this is an exception. Unfortunately, the webcast is breaking up really bad. But it came back for the end. A standing ovation!

9:07 I took a break, and now I’m back with the Hoppers. It’s “Count Me In.” Next, “Yahweh.” Webcast finking out again… also, I’ve had to shift operations to a place where my Internet isn’t as good, so this will be interesting!

I just heard Kim share the back half of a story about a friend of her daughter’s who committed suicide. This must have been pretty recent because I haven’t heard this story before. It sounded really sad, but it was a way of leading into the song “He Didn’t Just Carry the Cross.”

[Doppelganger digression: Movie geeks, anybody think Mike Hopper bears an uncanny resemblance to Martin Short, aka the wedding coordinator in Father of the Bride? End doppelganger digression.]

Now they’re moving into the toe-tapper “Yes I Am.” The young pianist very good, but his name is escaping me. Very sharp young man, perhaps someone can refresh my memory, I know I’ve seen him before.

Rodney Griffin is now doing a spoken segment. This is very moving, he’s sharing a story about how his little girls colored crayon pictures for old people five years ago at NQC, and one of them was a lonely old WW2 vet who was so moved by the spontaneous gift that he has never missed one of the girl’s birthdays since. This led into the song “Faces.”

They ran through “He’d Still Been God,” now Chris is tearing up “I Know a Man Who Can.” Now they’re singing “Preacher, Tell It Like It Is.” I liked this song when I first saw them do it live and I still like it!

Now Gerald is leading the crowd in “Blessed Assurance” and… hey, what’s this book ad doing up in my face? I want Gerald back NOW! Nothing against David Jeremiah, but… yeah. Out. Of. My. Face. Like right now, please? I paid for a webcast, not a book ad. Yes, thank you, much better. Go Gerald! “Come on, we’re gonna do the big ending, let’s go!”

Ivan Parker. Have I flossed yet today? Gee, I better go do that. Good habits…

9:59 PM EST Ivan just asked “Any young folks here tonight?” Nice to hear more than two people respond!

Oh dear, he’s closing with “Midnight Cry.” *cups hands* “Ivan, we know it’s your signature song, but pleaseplease, leave it to the young’uns at this point!” Yes, I think this might be a good moment to go do a little Calc. III homework… and pray a special blessing on those tender-hearted folks who are giving this a standing-O.

Mark Bishop introduced the last showcase artist of the night, a female soloist named Sherry Anne. She has a double speech and hearing impairment, but she hasn’t let that stop her! Her diction on “God On the Mountain” is quite clear.

Ha, Tim Lovelace and Mark Bishop just did a brilliant bit of totally impromptu comedy. These guys should plan to do this every night! Sure beats Dennis Swanberg.

Aaaand the Booth Brothers are up, the guys who have won every award, including, as Lovelace and Bishop said, “basket-weaving, underwater finger-painting, and archery in 4-H.”

They opened with “Because He Lives” and are now moving on to “Welcome to the Family.” I wonder if they’re going to do a bunch of favorites and get them out of the way early, or repeat selected ones throughout the week. Michael’s waving at his mom I see (just kidding, I have no idea who he’s waving to). And there’s something WEIRD going on with the sound on his mike. Either that or it’s my webcast audio that’s acting weird. Ha, Michael just stuck his face in the camera. “Hehehe, pretty close innit?” Love ya, you weirdo! Poor Michael, he seems a little hoarse tonight. I hope he sleeps well (perhaps a vain hope, given that this IS NQC). Now they’re singing “In Christ Alone.” Now this is a good arrangement. They took PCD’s idea of combining the less interesting “In Christ Alone” with the more interesting one. Ronnie is a little bit pitchy, but delivering it well. I have a feeling there was a LEETLE stacking on that finale, but who cares?

I think they’re closing with “I’m Free.” I can’t believe it. A night of NQC has run more or less right on schedule. I’ll actually get to bed at a decent time tonight! This is amazing!

Oh wait, that wasn’t the closer, they’re finishing off with “Still Feeling Fine.” Greater Vision came up and joined in. Chris Allman carried it home while Rodney Griffin reprised his dance across the stage moment from last year (that was a great moment!)

Now all the major groups are doing one song each, back-to-back. I’ve enjoyed this in previous years. If I pause a little here it’s because I’m just sitting back and listening! First up, the Collingsworths singing “Tell the Mountain.”

Greater Vision, “Looking For the Grace”

The Hoppers. I believe this song is called “Stacking the Vocals Higher and Higher…” Oh wait, it’s actually called “Stepping On the Clouds (Higher and Higher).” My bad!

Ivan Parker, “God Bless the USA.” I see a few folks slipping out of their seats… but I do like the song.

Triumphant, “Almost Home.” Oh yeah. I wouldn’t recommend anybody try following this. Hey, don’t these guys have a new CD I haven’t heard yet? Must remedy…

Tim Lovelace prayed a tastefully QUICK closing prayer and sent everyone off to bed. A good idea. That’s it for Monday night folks! Leave your thoughts, comments, praise and/or snark below (but not too snarky). G’night all.


31 thoughts on “NQC 2013 Live Commentary: Monday Night

  1. WIBBFan

    FYI: Michael had a sore throat when in Wisconsin Saturday night, though he claimed he had gotten something for it that morning and did a little jig to show he felt good – I think it was a good show. He sounded good all night despite it. They sang again Saturday night in Illinois. It was the most inspirational concert of the 15 or so times I’ve seen them in the last 3 years, especially the “finale” after Michael shared the gospel.

  2. A couple comments.

    The chat was up in the hour leading up to the webcast, but it was taken down when they were having the major server issues early on.

    And yep, Michael tweeted on Friday that he was sick and dealing with a sore throat

    Oh, and I believe the Hoppers’ pianist is Josh Simpson, but not 100% on that

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