Pre-NQC Open Thread

Is there an artist you’re looking forward to? Any songs you will be disappointed if they don’t sing? Any moments you’re dreading? Put all your NQC hopes, fears, pet peeves, and general chatter here! (There will be another open thread for post-NQC chatter.)


4 thoughts on “Pre-NQC Open Thread

  1. coomercove

    The Old Paths! After going to the Memphis Quartet Show, I was planning on skipping NQC this year until I learned that the Old Paths were going to make their main stage debut this year.

    Also looking forward to meeting and encouraging the new lineup of Freedom Quartet. Very excited about them.

    I’m not dreading anything this year… mainly because I don’t see the Pfeifers listed on the schedule. Their trumpets can do damage to your ears in Freedom Hall.

  2. joshvanklomp

    Looking forward to the entire week! I’m sure there will be sets I enjoy more than others, but I just usually try to soak as much of the event up as possible, whether I closely follow the group or not.

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