NQC 2013: Tuesday Night Live Commentary

There won’t be much activity here until 8:00, but folks can fill in the gaps in the comments here until then. I just caught the tail end of Gold City’s opening. I’m looking forward to seeing more from their new tenor later tonight. Still no chat box. Sad face.

5:57 Karen Peck and New River are up! “Ephesians Chapter 1.” Now a new song called “Joy In My Soul.” I enjoyed this on the album, but I prefer it live. I wish they hadn’t stacked the vocals on the “joy, joy, joy” breakdown, but oh well.

8:00 I’m baaack! EHSS rocking “When the Saints!” Then they did “Noah Found Grace In the Eyes of the Lord.” I must confess, I love EHSS, but the Statlers do better on this one. Oh, oh, oh, now Paul Harkey is singing “Scars In the Hands.” That was great. And I notice all normal wardrobe choices tonight, and regular length ties. 😉

Now Wayne is singing his own solo version of “Reason Enough.” I’ve always liked his simple style on this song. Ah, they did a transition directly from there to “Oh What a Savior.” Very nice! I wonder how dramatic it will be tonight…

Oh no… Ernie cracked a little on the high note! But he recovered and now they’re finishing strong. Devin’s getting red in the face. Aaaand, the ‘cast is breaking up majorly. Hope THIS doesn’t last. Wow, it’s the worst I’ve seen it yet, unless it’s just a glitch on my end. Gah! Ernie just introduced the old Cathedrals reunited but the ‘cast is still frozen! I’m beginning to think it’s my connection. Hang on… I checked Daniel Mount’s blog and someone else is reporting the same thing. So it’s not just me. Great, looks like I missed the entire reunion moment. And now it won’t even let me watch the Remembering clip. Sigh… It looks like the one where Ernie Haase ran up on stage and mussed Tim Lovelace’s and the other guy’s hair up while giving them short ties. Classic!

Cut out again. If Daniel Mount’s counting is right, this is the 11th time… any other readers experiencing this? Sheri Easter is announcing one of the showcase winners, the Lord Family (sp?) They’re singing “If You Knew Him.” Hmmmm, maybe a bit ambitious? Anyway, we won’t have a chance to render a verdict on their performance if it keeps cutting out like this.

Josh VanKlomp has guessed that it’s Gerald Wolfe’s fault. He tweeted about the reunion and everyone probably crashed the server! However, it seems like it’s back now. The Lord family finished “If You Knew Him” decently well.

The Easter are up, opened with “Little Bit of Sunshine.” Fantastic. I love the live band. Who’s the drummer? He’s cute. Now Morgan is singing a song called, I think, “Broken.” Her voice is straining some—I’m just not connecting with this one. Especially the line “Don’t stop believing in yourself.” Hmmmm. Maybe she’s under the weather, but the song is still weak. Now they’re all singing “Sitting On Top of the World.” I like this, it’s a sweet story song. Now Sheri is singing “How It Feels to Survive.” I love her voice.

Pause for a Pigeon Forge blurb. Blurb over. Next, TRIBUTE QUARTET! Um, Riley Clark, your hair is standing straight up. Might want to get a hairbrush and… y’know… never mind. Right now they’re singing “Thank God the Sun Will Soon Be Here.” Oh yay, Riley’s singing “Homecoming Day.” Not Riley’s best performance of this one, but a solid moment. Now “Homesick Angel.” I admit I’ve never quite understood what this song means. Angels are never homesick. They’re always in heaven. End theological nitpick. Enjoying the encore.

Reading some comments about the ‘cast. Someone is wondering what it will be like Friday if tonight’s crash is any indication!

Is Tribute STILL encoring this one? I can see one encore, but three or four…?

Eric Bennett did a spoken segment, now Gold Citaaaaay! I love what Eric Bennett said about Tim Riley. “After listening to him, I now know that I’m a baritone.” They’re opening with “Eye of the Storm.” Robert Fulton is doing well tonight on tenor. Now Tim Riley is rattling the floorboards on “Get Down.”

Okay, now this is a surprise! Fulton is pulling out a song from the Jay Parrack era: “Calvary Conquers It All.” I actually just now looked up the song and hadn’t heard it before. What a great song, and wow, Fulton is nailing it! Very impressive! Okay, one more song, I think. “That Little Baby Is the King.” A Christmas song? Umm, okay! Bryan Eliot just did a great bit of jazz improv. That was a great finish. This hasn’t been that great of a night, but I think Gold City may have had the best set so far.

Up now, the Kingdom Heirs! Yeah, live music. And wow, has Steve French lost weight? He looks WAY thinner than usual. I didn’t catch the name of their opener, but now they’re singing “Sermon On the Mount.” Now “Just Preach Jesus.” Now a new one that Steve says is number one on the charts. It’s called “Just Beyond the Sunset.” Oh, ouch, I think Jerry just went flat… And they’ve encored it a million times. This seems to be the night of fruitlessly repeated encores. We still have a few more good artists before this one is out though, so let’s see if we can finish strong.

Oh no, not the backwards video, again. Sigh…

Oh, thank God, here’s Jason Crabb to breathe a little soul and freshness into this evening’s affairs. He’s opening with “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” I heart his band. But can someone enlighten me about what the guy with the laptop computer on stage is doing? If all the music is live, why the computer? Just wondering… they’re on to “Sometimes I Cry” now.

Awww, Jason has brought his 10-year-old daughter on stage to sing! She’s singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Wow, she has a really nice voice. Obviously nervous, messed up a couple lyrics, but very sweet. Jason just did a happy dance. Closed with “That’s What the Blood is For.”

Now a showcase group, the Stevens Family, singing “Uncloudy Day.” Surprisingly good.

Hey, the Perrys are on WITH Libbi! This is a great surprise. Opening with “I Got a’Hold of God Today.” I wonder if Libbi’s going to share an update on Tracy here. Bryan just explained the basics of their situation to those who might not have been keeping up, now they’re rolling a clip from a year or two before with Tracy singing “Plan of Salvation.” My, the seats look a lot less empty in that old clip than they do this year. Hopefully it’ll fill out a little more as the week wears on.

Now they’re doing “He Is Mine.” Love this blend of David, Libbi and Brian. Jeff Stice just ran up on stage to provide some live piano! David just delivered a great solo on “When He Spoke to Me.” This is excellent. I had never heard this song, I think it’s a new one.

The Talleys are up and Jason Crabb just joined them on “Kept On Searching.” “What are you doing up here??” said Lauren. Ha! Well that was fun. Now they’re singing “Every Scar.” Debra Talley is now singing “Amazing Grace,” very simply, by herself. Great. Lauren just sang a verse I’d never heard!

Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease;
I shall possess, within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.

Lauren just said a few classy words to lead into the America medley. Okay, not that I have anything against fluttering flags, but I’d kind of rather watch the Talleys sing this… okay good, the fluttering flag is gone.

(Ahhh, I just took a break to switch to a rocking chair. Oh, feels good… staying up too late. I do it for youuuuu!)

Now is the Whisnants. Opening with “King Jesus is Coming.” And I just now noticed this silly lighting thing where random shapes flicker across the canopy in time to the music. That’s gotta go, for sure. Now they’re singing “He Can Move That Stone,” a new song. After that, they sang an acapella “God is So Good.” Susan just set up “The Potter’s Hand.” I guess this is their closing number. After that, we have only one more act to go—Brian Free & Assurance!

Okay, so apparently that wasn’t the last song, and they’re closing with “New Day Dawning.”

Jeff Easter killing time while BFA gets set up. “A good joke? Help me think of a good joke… where’s Tim??” Okay, we’re rolling now. Opening with “Anything is Possible.” BFA has such a strong catalogue I’m hoping for a good mix tonight. Perhaps new baritone Mike Rogers will get a feature?

“If the Lord Says Do It.” I’m struggling to place the album this one comes from. *goes to google* Ah, this is from their latest. By the way, can anyone help with the name of the pianist? I know I’ve seen him before, just can’t put my finger on his name.

The sound is solid tonight. It’s too bad they were placed all the way at the end, because I see a LOT of empty seats. I believe they will have another slot or two this week, presumably earlier. Oh cool, they’re singing “I Want to Be That Man” now. Love this one!

(I just got a peek behind Brian’s mike to see if he’s gotten rid of that soul patch yet. Nope. And Bill Shivers’ 5 o’clock shadow has got to go too…)

We still haven’t had an introduction of Rogers. I wonder if BFA will close with this song or introduce him on one more. This would certainly be a stronger closer, despite a slightly shaky vocal from Brian.

Ah, okay, they’re closing with “Long As I Got King Jesus.” Silly me. This is their “Wake-people-up-when-we’ve-been-stuck-with-the-11:00-slot” song. Kudos to the guys for mustering up the energy for a good stage-working performance.

The Easters closing in prayer, and I’m closing my laptop. Thanks for reading. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments section. Tomorrow I have some homework to do in the morning but may catch up on a showcase or two later. On Thursday I’m determined not to miss the Gatlin/Gaither/Booths showcase, and since it’s over a break in classes I may just bring my computer to school!



11 thoughts on “NQC 2013: Tuesday Night Live Commentary

  1. lee65

    The Perrys song you mentioned,When He Spoke,is an old one from the Mike Bowling days that they re-recorded with Joseph just before he skeedaddled.

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