NQC 2013: Wednesday Evening Hourly Schedule

I will be tied up until about 6:00, so I think I’m going to miss the Booth Brothers Quartet, though I might catch a little Soul’d Out. I’ll pop in here and there until 7:00, then be back at 8:00, so sadly it looks like I’ll miss the Dixie Echoes. This looks like it’ll be a strong evening. I hope everything runs on schedule!


10 thoughts on “NQC 2013: Wednesday Evening Hourly Schedule

    1. Kind of thin. Typically there are more later in the week, but my rough impression from the ‘cast is that attendance is down from previous years. David Bruce Murray could give you a more accurate estimate since he’s actually there.

  1. I love your play by play reporting and honesty…we have never got to go to a NYC, so wanted to this year, mad we didn’t…..at last we learn that Michael Booth had a head cold, was worried it was something worse…as they quit singing early at first baptist. Dallas, Texas..love those unbuttoned guys too. You are a hoot in telling all, keep up the good work.

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