NQC 2013 Live Commentary: Gaither/Gatlin/Booths Thursday Afternoon Showcase

Hello all! After a delay in connecting to my school’s network, I’m here to bring you live commentary on this exciting afternoon showcase. I’m trying a different format this time: Taking a cue from Daniel Mount, I’m arranging the play-by-play from most recent to least recent, so that folks who are reading can see what’s happening right now at the top and catch up further down. Let me know if you prefer this format over the other one.

Closing thoughts: I missed the first part, so folks can fill me in on what I miss for roughly that hour, but I was a mite disappointed with what I caught here. There was good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I think I was expecting the groups to sing together more. Instead it was mostly each group singing on their own. I would have liked to see some scrap trios, quartets, etc. But I guess that would taken a lot longer to plan and rehearse! However, I sensed the warmth amongst all three groups and enjoyed the friendly bonding on stage. It was a great idea to combine them all in one showcase.

Anyone else who caught it, please share your thoughts. See y’all this evening!


I just want to pause here and thank the NQC organizers for making the stream available in standard definition as well as HD. HD was running too slow for me on this network!

1:36 Ah, one more—a chorus of “Greatly Blessed.” Everyone’s hugging everyone else! I love me some male bonding.

1:30 Closing out with “I Then Shall Live.” Bill just called it “one of the greatest lyrics of all time.” Not with that nails-on-chalkboard howler of a second verse it ain’t! (“I’ll dare to see another’s point of view,” etc.) Ah, blinded by love. But the first and last verses are good. Folks standing for the climax. Excellent finish.

1:24 Gaithers singing their cover of Reba Rambo’s “Sow Mercy.” You know, I think I may never h ave given this song justice. It’s a really fine lyric. Especially the bridge.

And one day God forbid, you act a fool
And fall down hard and fast, ’cause life is cruel
If you ever reached to help a friend
A hand you held might lift you up again

1:19 Commercial break. Mark Lowry is advertising his new solo project. Singing a Mills Brothers song called “I’m In Love With You,” with the Booth Brothers and Bill singing along. Nice lounge song. Mark just said, “Come on men, put your arm around your wife and give her a little kiss. No tongue!” Yes, it’s Mark.

1:15 Matthew Holt is doing a piano solo. Yay! It’s “Goodbye World Goodbye.”

1:10 Aw YEAH. “Winds of This World.” I want to see EVERYONE on stage getting down before this thing is over. I just spotted the backup singers taking their places. Michael is chewing gum… tsk, tsk… and they just did a dumb thing where they flashed the word “AMEN” across my screen during the “Amens.” Thankfully that didn’t last long. Matthew Holt killing the piano, except I don’t think he’s miked properly. Shame.

1:05 David Phelps and the vocal band singing “Glorious Freedom.” David just put in an extra high note on the first verse. I’m shocked, shocked. Standing-O. Yes, an encore would be nice, thank you.

1:04 Bill once again making the transition to a related audience singalong. This time, the chorus of “Why Me, Lord.”

1:00 Larry movingly introduced his song “Help Me.” A woman told him that somebody sang it at her baby daughter’s funeral. “Folks, it’s not just about us up here being stars. It’s about YOU.” A great word.

12:52 Booths singing “Let the Healing Begin.” Michael’s voice sounds much better today! Sounds like he’s recovering from his head cold.

12:48 Michael English singing a solo song. Not sure what it’s called, but it begins “There’s a whole lot of stubborn in this room… and there’s noone here but me.” Oh, ouch, the last verse uses the word “molecule.” I understand it’s in the phrase “molecule of faith,” but still. Some writer suffered tin ear there.

12:45 Bill is picking up on the hook and leading the crowd in “Through It All.”

12:42 Ronnie Booth beginning “Through.” The Booths’ material will probably be heavily drawn from that Gaither tribute. I like their take on this lesser-known gem.

12:40 Hey, the Isaacs are in the house. “I didn’t know they were gonna be here!” said Larry. Me neither! They’re singing Larry’s song “Healing Stream.” I’ve never heard this song before. Sounds great.

Sweet. Larry just got up and thanked everyone for making the song come to life. “What a great little idea!” He referred to the Booths as “the Booth boys.” 🙂

12:34 They switched to the live DVD of Pure and Simple for the end of “Played In the Band,” but I wish they’d stay focused on the live performance right now. The Gatlins are joining in! All together now: ONE. MORE. TIME!

12:30 Larry is telling a joke, but I’m ready for more singing! Good, Bill is setting up “Played in the Band.” I like the story of how this came to be written. Bill was inspired by something Henry Slaughter said, which turned out to be the main hook, then co-wrote it with Larry Gatlin. The Booths are perfect on this, and it’s become a concert staple ever since they recorded it on their Gaither tribute.

12:25 David just made a good joke about a Gatlin Brothers song. “I used to sneak out of Baptist Bible college and take my wife two-stepping to that one.” Someone else: “You’re going to Hell!” Now the Booth Brothers are singing “If We Never Meet Again.”

12:20: David Phelps is singing the bluegrass “Come to Jesus” solo. I’m a bit disappointed that there’s so little harmony on this one. I thought this was a harmony showcase!


8 thoughts on “NQC 2013 Live Commentary: Gaither/Gatlin/Booths Thursday Afternoon Showcase

  1. FYI Michael’s song is titled Stubborn. It is the first single from his new album. It has actually been very well received and I love the molecule part. The album and the performance have earned him Dove award nominations.

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