And Now For Something Different… (RE: John Elefante)

I enjoyed listening to this testimony from former Kansas lead singer John Elefante, whose voice crystallized songs like “Carry on Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind” in rock and roll history. Like bandmate Kerry Livgren, he too underwent the conviction of the Holy Spirit and converted to Christianity. Afterwards, he went on to work extensively in Christian rock and scored solo hits like “That’s Why God Made the Moon” (which epitomizes everything that makes a great power ballad, in my opinion).


I found this music video interesting, which has been making the rounds of conservative sites everywhere. It tells the true story of how his adopted daughter was barely saved from abortion. The music might be kind of edgy for this crowd, but I mostly dig it, minus the ballerina chicks, which are supposed to be angels, I think. The string quartet at the end is very cool.

They’re not taking her

She’s mine

You’re not taking her

This time…


7 thoughts on “And Now For Something Different… (RE: John Elefante)

  1. Another “sweet memory” … Kansas was loved by me and frowned upon by my dad 😉
    I didn’t know what became of them but glad to hear how well it turned out for John. His testimony is a joy to listen to.
    The video “This Time” is wonderful! I hope many will see it.

  2. Saved Girl

    Yes, the music of This Time isn’t necessarily my style, but the song and the video are just so powerful. Thank you for sharing it.

      1. Saved Girl

        Yes. My dad has owned the series since I was little and they always sat in the bookshelf in our family room. The clincher is that I remember that the last book was white. All the others had had black background. Sure enough, in the video, the last book in that section is white. 🙂

  3. Gus

    Just FYI. John was not the original vocalist on “Wayward Son”. The vocalist was Steve Walsh who John later replaced, but it was much later. The writer was guitarist Kerry Livgren who last I heard was serving as a minister of music somewhere. That has been a while ago though. Don’t know if he is still in that position.

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