More Change for Gold City

Gold City just announced that it will be saying goodbye to lead singer Jerry Pelfrey. Danny Riley has sent him off with well wishes and effusive praise for his value as a team player on and off stage, while Pelfrey has expressed his desire to start a music ministry with his family. It sounds from this statement like the decision really came from his side:

I will be honest. I am scared to death, but ever since the song Lord of Life, I have had a burden to personally be more specific in asking people who Jesus is to them. Once I made the decision with my family to re-establish The Pelfreys, I have had a peace about it. We covet your prayers as we step out in faith to launch this new ministry.

I’m sad to see Jerry go. Many have said he recalled Ivan Parker. He brought some much-needed stability to the vital lead spot after Gold City had been through the wringer. I think it can be fairly said that they’ve lost members for just about every reason it’s possible to lose members. Meanwhile, a replacement has already been announced—Chip Pullen, formerly of the Anchormen. This wouldn’t be the first time an Anchorman has been tapped to fill a major quartet player’s shoes. Bass singer Paul Harkey, now of Signature Sound Quartet, sang for the Anchormen. After hearing Chip’s voice, I believe this transfer will be similarly successful. Here are two clips, one looking back at Pelfrey’s contribution to the group and one looking forward to what the future with Pullen may bring:


4 thoughts on “More Change for Gold City

  1. Steven

    Don’t want to forget 2 other former “famous” anchormen members that went on to successfully fill a gold city position: Steve Ladd and Aaron McCune

    Looking forward to hearing chip with Gold City. I really did enjoy hearing Jerry and hope that his “new” group has much success.

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