In Other News…

*The Perrys have signed a deal with StowTown. I’m impressed to see how quickly StowTown is accumulating a formidable roster of artists. I’m also surprised to see the Perrys moving from Daywind, but the fact that they already have a working relationship with Wayne Haun makes it less surprising. Good to see Tracy weighing on the press release.

Lib and I, along with our guys, Bryan, David, and JK, are so excited about our joint venture with StowTown Records and Provident/Sony Distribution. We look forward to many years of a lasting relationship with both companies. We have always had a wonderful relationship with our long-time producer Wayne Haun, and are excited that this new chapter will still include him. We are very much looking forward to what the Lord and the future is gonna hold for The Perrys.


The press release also announced that Tracy’s son Jared will be helping out on bass as Tracy recovers. Speaking of the Perrys, here’s a Facebook link to Tracy singing “I Rest My Case At the Cross” on stage. Welcome back Tracy! (HT: Daniel Mount.)

*Legacy Five needs your help for a new project produced by Lari Goss. Like a few other younger southern gospel artists before, Legacy Five has joined Kickstarter. I think Kickstarter is one of the coolest things to come out of the 21st century. Seriously, forget about Twitter or Instagram, this site rocks! My inner capitalist heart is so warmed. Click here to back them. If you give $300 or more, you’ll even have a chance to fly out and be in the choir!

*Lily Isaacs is going to write an autobiography. That may surprise you, but think about it—-she’s has breast cancer, she’s the daughter of Holocaust survivors, she’s battled depression, she’s the matriarch of a super-gospel group. Plenty of interesting stuff to write about. Here’s the press release.


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