Monday Morning Humor: Wes Hampton’s Ponytail

This backstage twitter pic from the GVB’s most recent concert prompted a bit of banter from Travis Cottrell over the appearance that Wes Hampton has a ponytail (or perhaps a mullet). It’s also a hint that you should really keep your eye on Travis Cottrell. I’ve got another little bird who just told me… well, that’s all I’m saying at the moment!

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3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor: Wes Hampton’s Ponytail

  1. GVB fan

    Looks like this might have been taken on the Gaither bus, given the narrow aisleway it appears they’re standing in… if true, this would only add weight to the notion that Travis could be soon “coming on board” with the GVB. Also, could that be Wesley Pritchard’s face in the background between Wes H and David? Could he be the fifth member, if there is to be 5 again? If so, I’d be for it… This would be a much smoother, fuller-sounding lineup than the last 5. If not, I’d vote for Marsh coming back.

    1. My impression is that Marshall is definitely not coming back, but Wesley would be a great addition. I wonder what part he would be though. Travis’s voice is more distinctive, but Wesley’s is lighter. Perhaps they would alternate on lead and baritone.

  2. Evan Miller

    And i don’t think Travis is done filling in i think we will see him this weekend in Idianapolis and i think he will have a bigger part especially with Adam filling in at lead i think we will hear Travis sing some baritone on more songs and add more speculation

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