Monday Morning Humor: Worst “You Raise Me Up” Ever

Until I hear a worse one, that is. File this under “unintentionally hilarious”: Former Celtic Thunder tenor Paul Byrom butchering “You Raise Me Up.” Thank goodness this joker has now been replaced by the eminently superior young talent Emmet Cahill, who understands the difference between singing and over-singing. (Watch his version of “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears” here.)

And in case you needed a palate cleanser after that monstrosity, this folks is how it’s really done:


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor: Worst “You Raise Me Up” Ever

  1. Lydia

    Awww, I’m disappointed. I thought the bad performance was going to be even _worse_! It’s just somewhat oversung with melodramatic gestures, but it could be so much funnier if it were even worse. 🙂 Of course, Rhydian also has a much, much better voice to start with than Byrom.

  2. Well, Byrom does go waaaaay off pitch at the end there, and his entire approach is just wildly wrong for the song. But it’s clear that he does have actual ability. I suppose I should subtitle this “worst performance by a professional singer,” because doubtless some hapless teen has caterwauled his way through this at some recital or other, and it’s probably on Youtube somewhere too. 😀

  3. Saved Girl


    I know you don’t like off topic comments, so you can delete this one if you want. 😀 I just wanted to let you know that the comments have been disabled for your two most recent posts.

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