Christmas Top Fives: “Go Tell It On the Mountain”

This will kick off a new Christmas series here at the blog. I choose a Christmas carol and share my personal top five renditions of it. The fun part is where you come in and tell me why your favorite version is better than all of them! I’d love to hear a version of a carol I’ve never heard before. Hopefully I’ll introduce someone else to a new version of one of their favorites as well.

So, let’s start with one of my all-time faves, “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” of which there really aren’t any BAD versions out there, but some do stand taller than the rest. Today’s featured artists are…

1. Steven Curtis Chapman:  For the full-speed-ahead, all-stops-pulled-out treatment, this one is probably my favorite. I love how Steven absolutely destroys his throat on this one, even though I cringe a little inside when he does it. You gotta love that hasty throat-clear towards the end! Also, dig the little “Wake the neighbors, get the word out” hat tip for die-hard fans…

2. Scott Krippayne: For the pure piano man version. The way he directs a choir of himself on BGVs is quite funny:

3. Simon & Garfunkel: For the fresh folk feel. You can’t beat the very young Simon & Garfunkel for crisp vocals.

4. The Gettys: For a Celtic rock twist.

5. James Taylor: For um… yeah, just a really awesome version.

Honorable Mention: Buddy Greene.  I enjoy how it builds and simmers with the organ, harmonica and piano together:


2 thoughts on “Christmas Top Fives: “Go Tell It On the Mountain”

  1. Lydia

    My vote goes for Steven Curtis Chapman’s version, for the somewhat subjective reason that he keeps my interest all the way through. The harmony of “Go Tell It” really isn’t very varied, and when the artist keeps it similar all the way through, as in Krippayne’s version, I lose interest. Chapman keeps changing it up, keeps the excitement going, and the black choir sound makes me want to sing along.

    Second place on my list to Simon & Garfunkel, because it has such a fresh sound.

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