The Ventriloquist’s Southern Gospel Trio

Special thanks to Kevin for sending me this footage from the Caribbean Cruise. It features ventriloquist David Pendleton together with Michael Booth, Scott Fowler and Gerald Wolfe. You’ve never seen a southern gospel performance quite like this before!

I think my favorite parts are when Scott Fowler keeps mouthing commonly added words (“I’m in the Lord’s army yes sir“) and Pendleton isn’t keeping up. 😀


4 thoughts on “The Ventriloquist’s Southern Gospel Trio

  1. WIBBFan

    So very funny, laughed so hard it brought tears. What good sports they were! Scott seemed a bit more up on the actions that go with the words, probably due to ages of his boys. (think they had run through it once before?)

  2. John Situmbeko

    Funny. 🙂 It was more funny on the Alaskan video with Randle (who was given a deep voice by Pedleton), Lowry and Gaither (with the highest voice).

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